Collasping remains of Red Coulee trestle's approach

Collasping remains of Red Coulee trestle's approach
HemiAdda2d, May 14, 2006
    • Stourbridge Lion
      That's one troubled bridge :(
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    • HemiAdda2d
      The bridge in better condition, just not the approaches, and the refuges. They are collapsing.
    • SteamDonkey74
      I think I am going to cry.

      Gorgeous picture. I just wish that rail lines weren't let go like this. Does anyone know whether at least the right-of-way has been preserved? It would make for a killer rails-to-trails type trail. We have a few around my hometown and they are well-used, even the ones that are "out there."
    • HemiAdda2d
      The alignment is a great hiking trail--the trestle approach would need some shoring up, but the trestle proper is in fine condition. Great Falls is only 13 miles away, and it could be a great trail. Talk had been thrown around of relaying rails for a scenic train, but the local landowners are staunchly opposed to that idea. I figure the same for TtR proposal. :(
    • BoxcabE50
      AFAIK- The r-o-w was not preserved as such. We have too many wastes here, sucking up our tax money right now. Montana residents, for the most part, simply cannot afford to subsidize something that would not enhance, greatly, local businesses, and the tax base.

      Having been involved with trails, I can say for a fact that few ever put any significant value back into a local economy. Most of those are in heavily populated urban areas. In eastern Montana, no way.

      Eventually, even those who are against re-lay of these rails, for any purpose, will regret their present stance. Sadly, they'll need to learn this lesson the hard ($$$) way.


      Boxcab E50
    • HemiAdda2d
      By great hiking trail, I mean it is nicely scenic, and remote. It is good exercise! The drive to the trestle is a bit hairy in anything but the driest conditions. Bentonite (an especially sticky, unstable clay) is nasty stuff, when wet!
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