2 train operation?

crclass Dec 18, 2018

  1. crclass

    crclass TrainBoard Member

    I'm running DCC and I want to avoid a double crossover. What does anyone Layout 02.jpg think about this layout. The green and blue section will have about 2 1/2" vertical clearance. I would like to run the trains in opposite directions and I am not concerned with a let em run situation. If I actually need to divert to a track to let one pass I'm really good with that.
  2. acptulsa

    acptulsa TrainBoard Member

    I'm not particularly impressed by it. The two outside tracks are one track. To run two trains on them would require stopping the faster train on the one, not-so-long passing track every single round. Also, no matter which of those two legs of the passing track you take, you will encounter an ess curve, so both trains would have to slow down.

    If that's a double slip switch, not a crossing, near the turntable, the third track in could be used for one train, but you'd have to pause one or the other from time to time to avoid a collision. With three tracks around the outer edge, it ought to be a hell of a lot easier than that to run two trains at once.
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  3. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

    A lot of switches for very little storage.

    with 2 train ops, you either need 2 mainlines, or you have one with several passing sidings. Another problem is that trains going opposite directions need more than 2 pairs of switches to change what oval they are on.
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  4. astrotrain

    astrotrain TrainBoard Member

    I agree to many switches for short yard spurs. That yard just will not be good. Also do you really need a Turntable on such a small track. Their not even used much anymore in these days.
  5. crclass

    crclass TrainBoard Member

    Thanks everyone. That is why I posted it, I couldn't figure out myself how to make it work. I do like being able to run 3 times around without retracing where I was. I would like a good size storage yard. Turntable was just a thought to turn engines around but since I will be running newer locos I could easily do 2 locos in a forward/backward configuration. I will keep trying. Thanks again.

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