Announcement: Museum Quality HO Scale "Big Blow" Turbines

ScaleTrains Jul 1, 2021

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    Back by popular request, we’re announcing the next run of Museum Quality™ HO Scale GTEL 8,500HP “Big Blow” Turbines. In our continuing effort to push the boundaries of realism in model railroading, our “Big Blow” Turbine model sets the bar with walkway lights, prototype wheel sounds, etched metal, and applied detailed parts down to the warning labels. As always, the models include railroad AND road number-specific details making our model just as legendary as the prototype. In fact, we’re offering unique versions that have never been done before in HO Scale*.

    *First time in plastic

    New Road Numbers and Versions:

    #1 - Union Pacific’s first “Big Blow” Turbine
    #6 - Dual Dynavane on B unit, first time in HO Scale
    #10 - New detail combination on A unit:
    Shutter system on radiator on A unit but horn is still on the cab
    Equipped with original fuel tank on A unit
    #18 - Illinois Railway Museum version
    #26 - Utah State Railroad Museum version
    #28 - First time offered as a Museum Quality model with small ventilator housing on B unit. #28 was the only unit to get this style of housing.
    #30 - Unique air intake system on B unit. #30 was the only unit to get this configuration.

    Preorders due: Monday, July 26th, 2021
    ETA: Spring 2022

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