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ScaleTrains May 3, 2021

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    If you like big EMD power, you’ll be excited to know that we’re also announcing our latest run of Rivet Counter HO Scale SD45s. This run features new roadnames and paint scheme variations.

    In the early 1960s, railroads were requiring more and more horsepower from locomotives to meet the demanding schedules of growing high-priority and intermodal (TOFC) traffic. This equated to faster acceleration and the ability to maintain higher speeds. EMD’s solution was the powerful SD45 - a 3,600 brutish locomotive known famously for its flared radiators.

    Our latest run includes the following roadnames and paint schemes:

    Erie Lackawanna/Standard
    Erie Lackawanna/Bicentennial
    Penn Central/White logo
    Penn Central/Red & White logo
    Southern Railway/Gold with high short hood
    Southern Railway/Dulux Gold with high short hood
    Southern Pacific GRIP II Rebuilds/Bloody Nose
    VMV Enterprises / “Patched” ex-Southern Railway with high short hood

    Visit our website to learn more about all the railroad, road number, and era-specific details you’ve come to expect from our Rivet Counter line. Preorder Rivet Counter SD45s now for delivery this fall: bit.ly/RivetCounterHOScaleSD45

    In addition to Rivet Counter SD45s, we’re also offering four (4) new Operator™ SD45 roadnames plus undecorated.

    Each value-priced Operator series EMD SD45 model shares a common cab and long hood configuration to help maintain a starting price point of just $109.99. To maximize pulling power, Operator locomotives utilize the same motor and drivetrain as their top-of-the-line Rivet Counter series counterpart.

    Operator roadnames include:

    Atlantic Coast Line
    Erie Lackawanna

    Operator models are also a sound investment for value-conscious modelers. The HO Scale SD45s are available with the ESU LokSound 5 DCC & Sound decoder with “Full Throttle” feature. Sound versions include an oval speaker with accurate EMD 20-645E3 prime mover and auxiliary sounds that operates on both DC and DCC layouts*.

    * Some sound and lighting functions included with DCC & sound-equipped locomotives are not operable using DC

    Make a sound investment by adding an Operator SD45 to your HO Scale roster today. Preorder now: bit.ly/STOperatorHOScaleSD45

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