Cleaning Märklin Locos

eXact Modellbau Jan 10, 2019

  1. husafreak

    husafreak TrainBoard Member

    That has got to be the easiest cleaning of HOS I ever heard. Flux remover, who knew?
    Another product I have used over the years for my stereo equipment is Hosa DeoxIT D5S6 Contact Cleaner + F5S-H6 Fader Lube. I have no idea if either would dissolve HOS oil but "Fader Lube" and "TV Tuner Cleaner" sound similar to me. And it is available. But pricey. I was wondering why would we use electrical cleaning products on gummed up loco gears but I guess it is to avoid harsh chemicals that could ruin wiring or plastic parts.
  2. sumgai

    sumgai TrainBoard Member

    OP, your method is Wunderbar. Danke schön! The marvel mystery oil, branded as SR24 smoke and (track) cleaning fluid, was also sold as LGB Smoke and Track cleaning fluid in the big red box, now as Massoth Smoke and Track cleaning fluid in the Big blue box, also Seuthe smoke and track cleaning fluid and Piko smoke and track cleaning fluid, all German-made. no need to self-import from overseas, onlytrains dot com has both Piko and Massoth fluids. I had only used these cleaners on Z locs by wetting a paper towel draped over a piece of track, while at least two of the power pickup wheels were on the powered track, to rotationally clean z wheels. I like your almost touchless method of loc motor and gear cleaning! Some of the solvents like the TA Nitro Cleaner R/C model spray cleaner and degreaser for R/C cars I use do a great job on cleaning grease and electronics, but left white residue on my fingers, not to mention the spray fumes. I no longer think cleaning a z loc is worth the cancer exposure from inhaling chemical fumes and skin absorption.

    PS, all these track cleaners do an outstanding job of actually cleaning Z (or any gauge) track!

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