1. pdavidson

    pdavidson TrainBoard Member

    I need several conveyors to move gravel and other materials. Cannot find any conveyor except where included in a kit of a large structure. Have not been able to find any as a stand alone item except for some Shapeway items. I am OK with the Shapeway items but the images I have found are so small it is impossible to tell what your are buying. One item I saw was about 22 inches long. Appeared it was available in a high and a low quality version. I would like to order one but they are not cheap and I hesitate to spend the money until I have something more solid to work with.
    Has anyone purchased any of the conveyors made by Shapeway? Quality? Issues?
    Paul D
  2. SP_fan_1951

    SP_fan_1951 TrainBoard Member

    Alkem scale models makes an etched brass kit for a 7 inch conveyor (http://alkemscalemodels.biz/industrial-conveyors/) , and Walthers lists a kit for 3 conveyors (https://www.walthers.com/belt-conveyor-kit-pkg-3). Both are each under $20. You might check them out and see if they fit your needs.
  3. pdavidson

    pdavidson TrainBoard Member

    The Walters kit is an HO kit. I need a N scale. However, the Alkem kit looks interesting but pricy ($20 for a 7 inch conveyer). I would need at least 3 of the kits to meet my needs. I have never built an etched brass kit like that but I can learn.
  4. Tony Burzio

    Tony Burzio TrainBoard Supporter

    Buy super glue antidote! Trust me... :)

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