Cream City Brick Color?

Komachi Jan 25, 2011

  1. Komachi

    Komachi TrainBoard Member

    Okay, so...

    I opened up the box containing my "Merchant's Row II" kit, and found that the buildings are molded in this odd... orange/bronze/rust-ish color. Which is not a problem, as I anticipated re-painting the kit anyway.

    My question is, however...

    Can any of you guys suggest a good color to simulate "Cream City Brick?" That tan-ish, limestone-ish colored brick that gave Milwaukee the nickname "The Cream City."

    Here's a close-up example I found online...

    Maybe a little Floquil "Depot Buff" mixed with some "Aged Concrete?" I'd welcome any suggestions.

    B&O GLENNWOOD TrainBoard Member

    I think depot buff is the way to go you might also try mud But I would try dry brushing aged concrete or white as opposed to mixing IF your not comfortable with dry brushing you could also use a very thin wash and apply until you get what you want then give everything a spray of alcohol and india ink to blend it all together HOPE THIS GIVES YOU SOME IDEAS

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