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oldscout Apr 28, 2013

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    I do not want to start a debate about DC and DCC. I think that if you have a large layout and have operating sessions that DCC is the way to go. If you have a little layout with one operator and maybe two trains running and a couple in the sidings is DCC neccessary. What if the little layout had a transformer that had some neat operating things. USA train power 10, you will find in the G scale items, has a switch that will run G, HO and N scale trains. It has a walk around throttle with a fucntion that will change momentum. You can make an engine start fast as if the rail cars the locomotive is pulling is empty. You can increase the momentum if a train was really heavy. It has a spring brake switch. It has a plug in hand controller if you unplug the controller the train will maintain the speed it was set at until the controller is pluged back in and the speed changed. This would work if you have a little larger layout. I read in several forums where DC users want a walk around throttle and there are a couple of manufactures that make them and some that just give you a diagram to build one. I found this controller by accident and asked the maufacture why he has not advertise this in the other scales that it will control. I know that everyone preachs the advantages of DCC and how easy it is to install, then we read in the DCC forum all this different thing and have seen control boards that look like in belongs in an airplane. I read all the time how cheap DCC chips are, where, are these the decoders that you have to wire in? I am not an electronics expert and to modifiy engine frame scares me. All of us can not go out and buy new engines, have lots of the older engine that plug and play decoders will not fit. Here is a controller that can help the DC operator make his trains operate a little more realistic.

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