Electric loco drivers

Gandalf Mar 24, 2000

  1. Gandalf

    Gandalf Guest

    Reading the thread of steam loco drivers reminded me that I have yet to find a source for spoked drivers without counterweights or rod attachment bosses; any one have a clue/hint that might get some semi-scratch electric locos under construction. TIA

    Gandalf Greymere
  2. StickyMonk

    StickyMonk TrainBoard Member

    a good source of spoked wheels is Roco (www.roco.com) as quite a lot of european electrics have spoked wheels, it would help if you could get hold of the part lists for all the locos, we have a company in England that can get these but i dont know about the USA, the only prob is they dont have RP25 flanges and some of the older ones can bottom out on code 70 track although some of the later models have much smaller flanges.

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