ESU decoder problem

Keith Jul 27, 2021

  1. Keith

    Keith TrainBoard Supporter

    Have a Kato N Scale SD70ACe, Bush 4141.
    Has ESU DCC sound decoder factory installed.
    The other day, I knocked the small layout it’s on
    knowing several cars and a few locomotives off the
    rails. Nothing to the carpeted floor though!!

    Now, I’m having issues, in that the locomotive does NOT
    run, or respond to anything. Shows no signs of power to decoder.
    However, frame IS getting power, that was checked. Seems as if
    maybe something blew up on the board. But, no signs of damage, and
    no odors of burnt electronics!

    Have ESU manual printed out, for the Select boards. Does this also cover
    what looks to be a drop in board for the ACe? Ran fine prior to the incident!
    Do not have a LOK Programmer, since I’ve only got 2 units with ESU sound.
    The UP 844, and the Bush 4141. And still having issues with getting the
    LocoBuffer USB installed and working!

    Help and/or information is much appreciated, as always!!
  2. RBrodzinsky

    RBrodzinsky Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Keith, most likely the board's pickup tabs lost contact with the frame. You may want to make sure it is seated well (but it is also important to ensure other parts are not touching frame).
  3. Keith

    Keith TrainBoard Supporter

    As stated, factory installed. Kept on tape where needed.
    Board is nice and tight in frame. Might send back to Tony’s
    where it was purchased. Let them take a look at it.
    Be lucky if locomotive has 60 minutes run time on it!

    This one has the screwless frame! So, it’ll take a bit to
    figure out how it comes apart! If I can manage, I’ll double check decoder.
    Otherwise, I’ll see if I can send back for examination.
  4. Dogwood

    Dogwood TrainBoard Member

    Can you read out the decoder address? Does the locomotive react on the programming track?
  5. Keith

    Keith TrainBoard Supporter

    Appears I can read address. Does not respond to anything else otherwise.
    Get no ACK from loco otive on program track, regardless of program mode.

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