Great Railroad Moment... (KCS)

Michael R New York Apr 6, 2007

  1. Michael R New York

    Michael R New York TrainBoard Member

    So I was in the Bellaire section of Houston, Texas visiting my brother-in-law earlier this week. I'm from New York; Long Island to be specific. I only get to see short line freight trains around here and occasionally a few trains in New Jersey; most of my good rail viewing experience has been in the West and South.

    Anyway, we had just come back from the park with my 3+ year old nephew and my 20 month old son (and assorted parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles/friends).

    We get to my bro-in-law's house and I notice there is a stopped consist of Inter-Modal double-stacked spine cars at the end of their block where the tracks are located. In the few times we have visited them in their new home, there has never been a train on the tracks.

    Seeing a stopped train, the only thing I can think of is it is waiting for another train to come by and then it will go.

    I take my nephew and son down to the guard rail to see the train.

    Well our good luck--I hear another train a comin'

    Lo and behold a KCS locomotive pulling a great consist of old and new freight cars comes along the other track...I explain to my nephew that the trains come from all over North America. My son is excited as is my nephew.

    Well, the engineer smiles at all of us and does what every little boy loves...he blows the horn for us!! (Okay-so maybe I was the most excited little boy...)

    We watch the whole train go by and then the other train takes off.

    All-in-all my son was having a blast as was my nephew and this little boy.

    My father-in-law said to me as we got back to the house that they aren't supposed to blow the horn (he and all the neighbors were fine with it). I replied, well if anyone ever said anything, (again not that anyone would) I'd be the first to commend the engineer for blowing a warning horn to the little boys "playing" near the responsible.

    All in all, a magical day for all...

    A big thanks the engineer for a smile and a blow of the horn wherever the roadbed takes you...
  2. HemiAdda2d

    HemiAdda2d Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Not much brings a big smile to my face like being trackside; on a mountain grade, with the locos on their knees, defying gravity, the deafening stack talk, the flange squeal, creaking and groaning of the cars, the flat-spotted wheels, the singing of the wheels on the steel rails......

    I'm glad you shared that with us, my imagination just took me trackside with you! :)
  3. r_i_straw

    r_i_straw Mostly N Scale Staff Member

    Glad you were able to get in some rail fanning and give the little ones a thrill. The tracks going through Bellair are usually quite busy. They are part of the old SP Sunset Route now owned by UP. The KCS has track rights over them as far as Flatonia, Texas (half way to San Antonio) where they turn south for Corpus Christi and take the Tex-Mex on into Mexico. The KCS trains are always a fun mix of general merchandise. UP and BNSF still run trains like that but it is pretty consistant on the KCS. Once they finish rebuilding the old SP Macaroni line from Rosenberg to Victoria, KCS will probably step up the containers as they have purchased a huge track of land south west of Rosenberg for an intermodal yard.
  4. THarms77

    THarms77 TrainBoard Member

    Great Story!!! I'm sure the engineer's day was a little brighter as well having made a little boy smile!!!
    I'm a mechanic and periodicly I drive semi trucks. A couple weeks back a little boy was in his yard motioning for me to blow my horn. So I did. That little boys face about exploded. I thought I had given him his first $20.
    You never know when you might just make someones day by doing a small thing.
  5. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Exactly!!! :thumbs_up: :teeth:

    Boxcab E50

    BNSF FAN TrainBoard Supporter

    Nice catch and a great moment for the kids. Thanks for sharing that moment with us.
  7. Michael R New York

    Michael R New York TrainBoard Member

    Thanks Russell for all that info! I had no clue it was that busy and also who owned or ran the tracks!

    In the few times there, we never heard the train-might be the constant need for being indoors and central a/c!



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