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wpsnts Nov 17, 2017

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    Not sure, but that may be the 3D printer I saw reviews on. I think you are locked into using their proprietary filament (has a chip in the cartridge?) which is expensive and not always of good quality. If I am thinking of the wrong printer, anyone please feel free to correct me, but I'm fairly sure I'm not. You might be better off to spend more on a printer like the Afina. I think member nvrr49 has one and has indicated he likes it for about 2x as much money as this one. Also, you might want to check out the 3D printing thread in the Computers forum here.
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    That particular one has terrible resolution. It doesn't work well for 1/10th scale let alone MR scales. And as Railmix said, yes, it requires their proprietary filament.
    Expect to spend about a grand on one that will do anything worthwhile in HO and smaller scales.
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