Installing Knuckle couplers

katmaan100 Jan 30, 2010

  1. katmaan100

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    1st post so be gentle. :tb-biggrin: I am in the process of updating approx 50 Tyco and Lifelike cars, dating from the 70's and 80's, to knuckle couplers. I have updated all my engines and other makes of cars with the #5 Kadee coupler. I was wondering if there is a coupler out there that will transform my yard to knuckle ease or do I have to live in thr DARK AGES??? I am a Hobbyist, but I am willing to Model in a car mounted gearbox if necessary.:tb-sad:
    Thank you.

    I have disassembled my Atlas HO #15 layout and am rebuilding a much larger 5' x 10' foot layout. I will add Pics and keep y'all updated.

    Again Thanks for the info
  2. alcoman

    alcoman TrainBoard Member

    I have modified a few of those older cars. Trimming the draft gear off the truck and adding a Kadee coupler pocket to the car's underframe is probably the simplest way.

    You may have to do some carving and shimming to get the couplers to the correct height. A Kadee coupler height gauge is a handy tool to have.
  3. Wolfgang Dudler

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    Welcome at TrainBoard, katmaan100 !

    I like Kadee #5. :angel:
    And I replace all clones. They gave me problems, uncouple, don't couple...

  4. subwayaz

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    Welcome aboard Katman100; 5'x10' should provide lots of operating space. Can't wait to see your layout progress
  5. katmaan100

    katmaan100 TrainBoard Member

    Thanks for the info on the couplers.
    I will start a new thread in the lay out section once I have a few pics.
  6. CraigZ

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    Kadee offers kits to adapt their couplers to many of the truck mounted ("talgo") designs. Don't do it. The issue with truck mounted couplers is that when you're pushing on the car that the forces on the coupler tend to twist the truck...helps it derail. Bad. Take the time to body mount the couplers.
  7. Schraddel

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    Tin Plate Follies on H0 cars

    Hello Folks!
    An example of really unwanted an unnecessary tin plate practices on H0 cars:


    This are Märklin/Trix US box cars. Mätrix really fits them with close coupling devices. Those "Kurzkupplungskulissen or KKK" (close coupling devices) are usually equipped on European cars with side buffers to get them round on tracks laid in tight radius. The openings in the bottom are for the high flanges also tin plate style. Yes in Germany we have H0 scale high rails instead of 0 scale and for this reason there is no clear visible dividings between antique tin plate and real modellrailroads.

    But on US cars ???:bad:

    O.k. get rid of what you don't need.
    From left to right:

    As factory equipped with KKK and European NEM style plastic knuckle couplers

    Remove the trucks by unscrewing thm.

    Unscrew the two tiny screws in the bolsters, lift the underframe from the bottom plate and pull off the KKK.

    Grind down the overhanging portion of the ends until they are flush with the bottom.

    Glue upper portion of Kadee #242 coupler boxes on the bottom flush to the ends. I use a good drop of cyanacrylate glue.

    From triangle shaped styrene rods i made "anti rocking bolsters" an glue them on the bolster. These anti rocking bolsters prevet the car from rocking in a sideway manner.

    Install Kadee #58 or #158 and snap fit the lower lid of the coupler box.

    Refit the trucks.

    Greetings Lutz

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