Is my Bachmann 2fn dead?

rva1945 Oct 14, 2018

  1. rva1945

    rva1945 TrainBoard Member


    Suddenly, a Bachmann 2fn decoder ceased to work. It kept is address as it responded to the light on/off command, but no movement from the motor. The programmer doesn't identify it, even after writing any value to CV 8.

    I use DCCpp (throttles) and JMRI (programmer).

    After writing the CV 8 it now doesn't respond to the light on/off command, sure it lost its address.

    I put it in the programming track and try to write in to CV 8, and it returns -1 which means "verification read fails".

    My other 4 locomotives work well, the programmer identifies them in case I test that feature.

    What could have happened?
  2. RBrodzinsky

    RBrodzinsky November 18, 2022 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter In Memoriam

    What did you “write” to CV8? Remember, if you wrote to 8, that is a reset and it changes the address back to 03 for these decoders.
  3. jdcolombo

    jdcolombo TrainBoard Member

    Suspect bad connection between decoder and motor. The behavior you are seeing is usually the result of the motor not being connected properly to the decoder. What kind of engine is this decoder in? Is it a "board"-type or hard wired? Check your motor-to-decoder connections.

    John C.
  4. rva1945

    rva1945 TrainBoard Member

    During one of my tries, while the programmer was trying write CVs (to no avail), I took the loco from the rails for 1 second and put it back and then I could hear the motor buzzing. Then it worked as a charm.
    As far as I can remember yesterday another loco produced a short while this F7 was running (on a Bachmann decoder), though it was not the only one, as there was another on a Digitraxx and another one on a LDH (this one made in Argentina, NMRA ID no. 56). No doubt the Bachmann is more sensitive, as this has happened before. But the loco that produced the short has a Bachmann and it was not affected!

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