MODELING It's a Special Labor Day Long Weekend 2022: Weekend Modeling Plans

Jim Wiggin Sep 2, 2022

  1. Jim Wiggin

    Jim Wiggin Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Welcome back everyone and welcome to the gateway to a special long, Labor Day Weekend. I'm noticing the shorter days and the signs that fall is coming so this will be a good weekend to get those outdoor projects wrapped up. Let's get started.

    Saturday: It's the annual Sweetcorn Festival and car show. Nothing sounds more Midwest than "Sweetcorn Festival". I'll be taking the Mustang up for one of the last shows of the year and enjoying the usual large attendance of classic, hot rod and muscle cars along with my father-in-law and his Mustang Cobra. We'll partake of the free steamed corn on the cob as well as other fair food delicacies, then head back home for a wedding celebration with some close friends.

    Sunday: I've talked about it for over a year, but I have had my eye on a 1962 Mercury Comet for a while and the price is right with only a bit of work to make it a daily driver. If I do decide to pull the trigger, I may have the father-in-law come down to southern Illinois with his truck and auto trailer and see if this a route I want to go. Getting it now would allow me to register it next week. We'll see. If I don't do my own personal episode of Roadkill Garage, I'll be working on the valance project.

    Labor Day: Be it Sunday or Monday, I will need to finish up the valance project which will include hanging the last LED light, installing all the wiring, cutting and trimming the hardboard, painting said hardboard and installing the hardboard. If I get all of that done, I'll be ready to start building the modules sometime in September. I really want to get all the construction done now before it gets cold. Of course, there will be lawn maintenance, cook outs and probably at least a short ride on the bikes somewhere in there but we'll see.

    So how about you? What do you have planned for this long, unofficial end of summer weekend? Let us know. We'll all come back on Tuesday the 6th to report on our activities and progress. Until then, have a great and happy long, Labor Day weekend, be safe, stay healthy and as always...

    High Greens!
  2. Tompm

    Tompm TrainBoard Supporter

    I get to pick up my car from the auto body shop this afternoon. I will have to move the stuff I took out of it, such as the reusable shopping bags, back into it. Those bags are getting more important as Delaware, New Jersey, and Philadelphia all have plastic bag bans. Now one of the neighboring townships, the one I do the majority of my shopping in, is talking about banning the plastic bags.

    I am not sure what we will be doing this weekend. My kids are headed off to places with their friends leaving the wife and I home. There is gardening including that pesky weeping cherry tree to trim. The wife wants to go around the house and paint all those nicks that happen over time in the walls. If we can think of someplace to go perhaps we will do that for a day trip. I need to do the biweekly restocking of the provisions.

    In the modeling world I still have a bunch of rolling stock to tune up and a couple of new locos to test. I ordered parts so I can fix a few cars that have been laying around for some time. I began reorganizing my rolling stock storage. I am currently working on the reefers. I want to further categorize them into types and store them that way. I am hoping it will make it easier to keep track of them and find what I want without emptying out a bin.
  3. SP-Wolf

    SP-Wolf TrainBoard Supporter

    TGIF to Y'all --

    So, I hope to put the finishing touches on my beet train.
    I have 6 pairs of MT 1025 couplers to assemble (Out of 20 pairs). The beet loads to paint. Then install: trucks, couplers and of course the loads.

    I think I will start another long time project -- some more SP switchers.

    Report on Tuesday

    Y'all have a great and very safe weekend -- stay cool
  4. Hardcoaler

    Hardcoaler TrainBoard Member

    Still working on my first pink foam mountain, taking forever and making quite the mess of dust and static-charged bits everywhere. I'm not good at visualizing this sort of thing, so have reworked some areas as I've moved along. Sheets of pink foam are crazy expensive, so I'm taking care to make the most of scrap pieces as I go.
  5. Shortround

    Shortround TrainBoard Member

    Will mostly just run them around oval and rearrange the room better. Got stuff ordered so I'll wait for that.
    Off to play.
  6. Kevin Anderson

    Kevin Anderson TrainBoard Member

    I will be assembling the module frames I cut out last weekend. Then it’s time to power up the computer and continue my drawing up of the plans for the new layout. If I have time I will start cleaning up the family room so I can start prepping g it for the new flooring I need to install. Oh and I need to start gathering up my scratch building supplies. I need to build four cars.

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  7. Kitbash

    Kitbash TrainBoard Supporter

    Happy Labor Day weekend all.

    This weekend will definitely get some layout work done. Also I am "scheduled" for some domestic attention around the household. Duty calls and all that good stuff.

    MRR plans: There is about an 8ft section on one end of my layout that does not yet have the facia board. It is getting on my nerves so I am going to build out the layout, and frame up to accept the facia. The layout framing in that are is "rough" to say the least. Mostly because it bends around a kneewall I built when I finished the attic. Yesterday I stopped and got couple of 1x6's for this. Between those and some scrap I have I should be able to get this done.

    The other plan is to make some latex molds out of some rocks. I always look at rocks and stones when I am walking the dog or doing whatever outdoors. Haven't seen a rok that caught my eye in years and years. In the last 2 months, I have run across 3. Yesterday I scrubbed them up and will get the latex coats on. Will get 2 coats on a day. Should take a couple of weeks. Each face of each rock is pretty good so I should get at least a dozen new mold castings out these things.

    Have a great weekend all!!!
  8. MetraMan01

    MetraMan01 TrainBoard Member

    We were supposed to fly out to Ishigaki (one of the smaller islands near Okinawa) and spend some time on the beach, but a typhoon down there derailed our plans so we’re staying home this weekend.

    But that means I’ll get some modeling done. The Algoma Central decals came in so I can finish my last WC heritage GEVO. After that, I’ve got some autoracks and coal cars that have been hanging out on the work bench so I may tackle them as well.

    Fantasy football draft is this weekend too.

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  9. nscalestation

    nscalestation TrainBoard Supporter

    Good morning all,

    It's supposed to be hot here for the next few days so after getting chores done in the mornings I may spend the afternoons in the train room with the A/C on. Will work on getting a pair of PSX circuit breakers installed for the upper helix and wired to the tracks. Have been practicing with the car card system I made up and I like it so will be working on the remaining needed card holders. After that it's whatever catches my wandering interests.

    Everyone be safe and have a great weekend.
  10. dti406

    dti406 TrainBoard Member

    Good morning from sunny and warm Northeast Ohio.

    Went to cardiac rehab this morning followed by a trip with my wife to the hair dresser’s. May do some modeling this afternoon before bowling. But I started on an Intermountain R70-20 Reefer kit last night and came to a screeching halt when I found the end ladders were missing!

    Saturday will be going to the club to put back cars and structures from the A/C installation done this last week by the historical society. May get some cars painted later in the day and evening. Will be watching some movie also.

    Sunday more of the same while doing the laundry. May end up doing something but no plans.

    Monday still the same with some decalling thrown in.

    Rick Jesionowski
  11. gmorider

    gmorider TrainBoard Member

    Big weekend for many! MRR plans for many! (y) At this point, the battle of the '39 Olds continues. :confused: I am getting decent castings from the mold, thankfully. I am in the process of fitting the body to the frame. A surprising amount of finishing to do! :oops: I had to fill a void as well. :mad: I have an idea how to improve the process. We shall see. :rolleyes: All have a fun and safe holiday. :D
  12. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Shapeways has shipped my order from last weekend. Waiting... Maybe I will get to the decal work I had wanted for last time... Tried to order more of the plug and socket I am using between modules on my hOn30m empire. The females are out of stock. :mad::mad::mad: Not sure what else, but to make progress on something!
  13. Tim Holmes

    Tim Holmes TrainBoard Member

    Well, 7 hours of driving across Ohio from Medina to Hamler -- to pick up some stuff at our home office and then back to medina -- I did see trains in Hamler, stopped a few minutes in Deshler, and again in Fostoria to look at trains or train parks.

    Tomorrow is breakfast with Dad and Friends, then a trip to our local Hunting and Fishing super store (called Fin Feather and Fur) in Ashland Ohio for a sheath for my new Leatherman tool. After we get home, I am hoping to do a bunch of work on my Digital San Luis and Rio Grande -- I have a LOT of track to lay, so I'll continue to work on that -- Also kinda sketching out some scenery -- im trying to get the track down, and start operations on the first leg -- from walsenburg to Alamosa and a couple of the branch lines, then see what bugs I can find (Lots im sure) its a whole lot easier to pull up digital track and re-lay it than it is with real track. Also planning to watch college football and NASCAR

    Sunday is rest, church, maybe an iRacing race and NASCAR and more track laying and designing

    Monday, really is gonna be more of the same I hope -- we'll see!

    Hope you all have a great weekend!!
  14. Pfunk

    Pfunk TrainBoard Member

    Happy Labor Day Weekend, all!

    I will be spending most of the weekend looking out the windows of a store that no one will be in. I'll be checking ScoreMobile every 45 seconds or so during the OSU/Notre Dame game and TX opener both. I'll be thinking about how good those Sunday barbeques are probably tasting. On Monday, I'll think about all the guys I know that are taking their cars to the diner for the cruise-in two blocks from where I'll be 10hrs/day tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday.

    I mean, I have *every* day to think about all the rr stuff I have yet to get put together, at least I'll have something to take my mind of it for a few days this weekend :ROFLMAO:

    Actually calling for rain on Sunday and Monday here, I really hope it holds off so others can enjoy their festivities. Wishing everybody a safe and fun long weekend, whatever you are - or aren't - getting yourselves into.
  15. GP30

    GP30 TrainBoard Member

    I already had today (Friday) off for an even longer weekend. I’m focusing on finishing up some of these half-done projects throughout the layout rooms

    This morning, I reconnected an outlet in the hallway that was isolated when we rewired the basement 2 years ago. There’s a junction box in the layout room that has held up ceiling finishing, so they took care of two items.

    That leads me to tomorrow’s(Saturday) plan: install a section of ceiling to cover a hole and paint with ceiling paint.

    I also want to: build a pair of #8 turnouts and build some lighting valance brackets.

    And one of the mornings I want to spend running trains only. We’ll see what happens!

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  16. BNSF FAN

    BNSF FAN TrainBoard Supporter

    Happy Labor Day weekend everyone. Lots to do with the family on Saturday. May stop by the book store and pick up a magazine or two while we are out. Sunday, I plan to get down to the layout and see what I can get done on some open projects. Have a few new ideas I want to do but have decided I am not starting any new on the layout project until I wrap up some that I already have started. Monday may allow a little more layout time but most will be spent getting laundry done and things lined up for a work trip.

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