MODELING It's Monday 10/31/11, Weekend Modeling Accomplishments.

Jim Wiggin Oct 31, 2011

  1. Jim Wiggin

    Jim Wiggin Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    I'm convinced that these weekends are only one day long, not the two day we are told they are. That being said, a lot got accomplished this weekend but not as much as I like. Saturday, Northern New Jersey (and most of the north) received it's first snow fall of the season, about 9" or so inches here. Enough to be a pain and watch one kid back his VW into a plow:rolleyes:. Saturday also had fellow Trainboard member billmtx stop by for some hot beef stew and talk trains. Funny how fast the evening went as we discussed T-Trax, my layout, stuff in the shop etc.

    Sunday, more of nscalerone's locomotives progressed.

    Here is a former EL GP35. Weathering per the picture I have is pretty minimal. This was by far the most fun unit to patch and Conrail was actually neat in patching it up. The two logo's on the ends, cab numbers and lettering on the long hoods was patched up with EL Maroon. She still looks classy.

    Up next is this Alco C420, formally of the Lehigh & Hudson River. This locomotive received a lot of weathering. The fun part was masking out the nose logo and side lettering and painting it Conrail blue. I'm getting these two as well as the RS3 for CNJ decaled before I go to work and while the light is good.

    I actually got a little done on my Northern line as well. I had gone to Potter Place NH the previous weekend and taken most of the afternoon having my Father help me get measurements. That really paid off and between this and Google Maps, the planning stage is progressing nicely.

    Sorry the picture is dark, my apartment has the worst lighting known to mankind. The two former "concrete spurs" are gone now as well as the foam roadbed. I now need to take up the turnout and re lay track. You can just see my notes as well as an outline of Cilleyville Road as well as the beginnings of the junction to former NH Rt. 11. The Walthers grain building provides an acceptable stand in for the freight house that will be scratch built when I get back to Illinois. A second turn out will be installed after the current one. This siding will serve the freight house which I found out used to serve RP Johnson Lumber.

    I also worked on models of the flying kind as I will be attending a show and covering the event for Flying Models magazine.

    So a busy, but fun weekend. So how about you? Did you get some progress on the layout? Any train shows? Let us know how you did, better yet post some pictures of your progress. We'll do it all again on Friday.
  2. phantom

    phantom TrainBoard Member

    Cassadags NY. Station on The DAV&P

    Its been a long time since I have posted anything. Starting a new business and now having what I hope to be a short illness. Any way I got in the basement twice this weekend and ran some trains and made some progress on my scratch built Cassadaga NY. Station. Here are some shots of the waiting room and the station agents room. In the station agents room there are all scratch built: Desk and counter. The counter has tickets on it. The desk has a telegraph sender, there is a scratch built safe and scales with a shelf. The Office chair is scratch built as well. The roll top desk and filing cabinet along with the benches and stove in the waiting room are not scratch built. I’m hoping tonight I can get the roof shingled.

    Waiting room:




  3. MisterBeasley

    MisterBeasley TrainBoard Supporter

    The Northeast took quite a surprise hit this weekend. I was just reading that a Chicago-to-Boston Amtrak train was stranded for 12 hours by a rockslide. We were fine on Saturday (Boston burbs) but it took us a long time to get home after a Halloween party in the next town that night. (I was a referee.) Downed trees everywhere, and besides the slow speeds we had to make numerous detours.

    I did remedial trackwork on Saturday, shimming up tracks to get rid of some vertical kinks that were causing my steamers to forget their "stay on the tracks no matter what!" lessons from locomotive school. After I got the track smoothed out, I ran a passenger train around to test it, and found that several of the "original" junky couplers were once again showing me why Kadees are the only long-term solution. So, there's another job for another day.

    Sunday was fine, until the power went down just before noon. I left for work on Monday morning, still in the dark. Fortunately, my train room has a skylight, so I was able to do manual work. Those little bicycles for Merchants Row need fine painting, which I won't be able to do until I've got power for my magnifier-lamp, but I got the silver base coat on. I spent most of the afternoon cutting and gluing coffee-stirrer sticks to make a plank fence for the scrapyard. I'm about 2/3 done with that assembly. Hopefully, I've still got a Moxie decal or two to apply to the fence once it's painted.
  4. Tad

    Tad TrainBoard Supporter

    I work on the HCD layout with my daughter, Macey. We got all but one of the turnouts for the outer loops finished and installed.
  5. Bruce-in-MA

    Bruce-in-MA TrainBoard Member

    I've never found lack of light to be a big obstacle in power outages. It's when my fingers can hardly move due to the lack of heat that gets me. :tb-wink:
  6. rg5378

    rg5378 TrainBoard Member

    I had to look twice to convince myself that this was a model and not a real life station somewhere! Good job detailing the inside! What scale are you working in?
  7. Mike VE2TRV

    Mike VE2TRV TrainBoard Member

    Another train show, or rather a local club's open house, and two more HO locos, a True-Line FM CPA-16-5 (CN 6703, old green-yellow-black scheme - a real beauty) and an Atlas RS-11 (CV 3603 in green-yellow "noodle" scheme).

    That RS-11 is getting a classic 1950s DW&P scheme soon, same road number (that way I keep the number boards as they are!). Gotta love those notched-hood Alcos. There is a decoder board in it, but it works fine on DC - though I had to reverse the motor leads as it was running backward relative to the rest of the roster.

    I also found a suitable van to repaint as the Possum Van. I've started on that already. It's a GMC van of about the same era instead of a Dodge Ram, but at this scale...
  8. phantom

    phantom TrainBoard Member

    Thank you vary much! Its G scale. I will post more images later.
  9. r_i_straw

    r_i_straw Mostly N Scale Staff Member

    I have been working on a magazine article showing how I have been using etched metal sides.
  10. retsignalmtr

    retsignalmtr TrainBoard Member

    I thought the weather reports for Saturday were a joke. I spent Saturday morning preping my vehicles and house for the storm. That afternoon I walked my dog and all you could hear were branches snapping and power lines arcing with branches on them. I didn't lose power but i've got a lot of tree damage. I did get to work on my T-Trak modules for a while, but the cleanup on Sunday wiped me out. Cleanups probably take the rest of the week. My clubs got a train show in Port Jervis NY next Saturday.

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