MODELING It's Monday, August 29th, 2022: Weekend Modeling Accomplishments

Jim Wiggin Aug 29, 2022

  1. Jim Wiggin

    Jim Wiggin Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Welcome back everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend and maybe got some train stuff done. Let's get started.

    Saturday: Friday night I went to the big store and picked up a few examples of LED lighting I hopped would work for the valance project then enjoyed a nice meal with the wife. Saturday was work on the station wagon day. Turns out the leak was due to the dealership tech leaving off the drain plug gasket. We drained the oil, then removed all the wheels to perform a rotation and inspect the brakes. All but one brake passed inspection. The real driver side rotor had a bad and uneven wear, and all the signs showed a hung-up caliper. A year before the rotor had been ground and resurfaced and the caliper fixed but it was up to its old tricks again. So, parts run of new rotor, caliper set, and pads and we were off. I hate to think what the dealership would have charged to do such a simple job. In the end the oil change and brake work was easy but took all day.

    Sunday: I was pretty tired from the day before but got started with the valance. I first had Ang help me attach the new ceiling tile in place so it could set for the day. Next, I cut hardboard to fit the top of the frame, painted the inside white, installed two of the three LED light bars and installed the three-piece valance. I had just enough time to cut the front valance pieces and get the shop cleaned up, Mustang and bike put away before the rain came. It was too humid to paint the valance front, so I'll do the trim and painting next weekend.
    It doesn't look like much yet, but I hope after a week or so, the Valance will be wired, lighted and finished up. Then it will be a mad rush to get modules built before it gets too cold to work in the garage.

    So how about you? What did you get done this weekend? Let us know. We'll assemble again on Friday, September 2nd to do it all over again for the last hurrah of summer. Until then, have a great week, stay healthy, be safe and as always...

    High Greens!
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  2. Kitbash

    Kitbash TrainBoard Supporter

    That's some clean looking work Jim. Good job!

    This weekend went sort of like I thought. I never did get to installing the PSX-4 circuit breaker pack. So the Digitrax PM42 lives on (for the time being that is).

    I did work on scenery at a place called "Doe Hill" on my layout. I got the parking lot and water tower area near the "still un-named" brewery about 90% done. Put in small retaining walls at the main line where it goes under a bridge. Also, I spent quite a bit of time on-line looking at maps of WV and Virginia plotting the Albemarle Division mainline up to Morgantown, WV. Also found a PDF online of the C&O routes. I put the PDF file in a Bluebeam PDF editor and inserted the Albemarle Division. All fictitious of course. So given Highland County, VA did try twice to put a RR company together late 1800's, early 1900's, my layout is a "What if?" and assumes that RR was swallowed up by the C&O looking to get a route closer to Pittsburgh. Once I get the map where it is done, I'll throw it up here.

    Have a great week all!! Long weekend coming up at the end of this week.

    Shot of Doe Hill in progress: [​IMG]

    Overhead shot: [​IMG]
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  3. Tompm

    Tompm TrainBoard Supporter

    I had a fairly productive weekend. We got several plants transferred into new pots. Got some weeding done. I had to fix the cover on the pergola on the front patio. Several of the pieces that hold the cover in place had come loose and had to be put back in place. Even got some of that pesky laundry done. I still did not get to the weeping cherry tree trimming.

    I started doing some further organization of my rolling stock. I currently have things stored by board categories such as reefer, boxcars, open hoppers, etc. I am now organizing things into more narrow categories. For example I stored all my Tropicana reefers in one bin. I will do the same with express reefers, wood reefers, etc. I fixed a couple pieces of rolling stock. One need a new brake wheel, another needed new trucks.
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  4. SP-Wolf

    SP-Wolf TrainBoard Supporter

    Good morning Y'all,

    My beet gon project is progressing nicely - but, slowly. (And that's OK)
    Decaling is now complete. Clear coat has been applied. I have about 6 pairs of couplers to assemble. Then I can add the trucks and couplers to them. Loads should get painted this coming weekend.

    Hope Y'all had a great and productive weekend,
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  5. MetraMan01

    MetraMan01 TrainBoard Member

    Well-short weekend as I had to go to Tokyo for a conference.

    But I did finish 4x Greenville 100T hoppers and 2x 64’ Trinity reefers lettered for Wisconsin Central.

    When I get back home I think I’ll run a mixed freight with a bunch of cars I weathered over the last few weeks.
    Next projects-either start working all the Helm leased power projects (some already lettered, some I’ll have to reletter) or work some odds and ends-finish some patched WC dash 8s, flat cars, and/or RTA coaches


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  6. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Had a long work shift Saturday night. My neck issue was acting up a bit, so just took it easy Sunday. Read part of a WWII history. Watched a little bit of a video. Listened to some music. Became involved in a FB RR history chat, concerning my old home town. My only real hobby accomplishment was ordering some HOn30 car kits from Shapeways. I might (ha ha ha) do some of the postponed decal work later today. We shall see...
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  7. Carl Sowell

    Carl Sowell TrainBoard Supporter

    I did get the 2nd color added to my project :


    Next up will be the white on the dark gray hump on the rear of battery compartment, then black, then gloss clear, decals and then flat coat.
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  8. Pastor John

    Pastor John TrainBoard Member

    My weekend went pretty much as expected. We had a small funeral here at church in the chapel on Thursday afternoon and a big one in the sanctuary on Friday morning. I stayed a short while for lunch but went home to change clothes before they left for the cemetery (with my retired pastor associate who conducted the graveside service). I changed clothes, packed a lunch bag and a few cans of Pepsi, and headed for class in Ashland. Class lasted until 8:30 or so and I drove home again. The seminary does have overnight housing, which would have been nice, but at $80 per night it was cheaper to drive home. Up at 5:30 am the next morning to drive back for class at 8:00 am and stayed until 2:30 or 3:00 pm., then drove straight to church to make an appearance at the 50th wedding anniversary celebration for one of our members, then home and a nap and headed for bed at 9:00 pm. Up again Sunday at 5:30 am to prep for church, then lunch, and headed for the Sebring Model Railroad Club for an hour or so where I paid the electric bill, talked with the gang, and not much else. Once home there was another brief nap, and then more house cleaning in preparation for Thursday's parsonage inspection. I mostly concentrated on dismantling my COVID home office and finding homes for all the stuff on the 8 foot folding table in my bedroom. Hopefully, I'll finish that tonight after our Scout troop meeting. Then comes carpet cleaning much of the house, deep cleaning and bleaching smelly places (like around the litter box) and other last minute stuff.

    Not remotely train related but still cool was that our class this weekend was entirely in the seminary archaeology room so that we could see, touch, and interact with some of the exhibits before spending the rest of the semester online. We handled all sorts of objects from the Iron Age, Bronze Age, and earlier. Biblically speaking, these were New Testament, Old Testament, and even pre-patriarchal, which is to say "older than Abraham." There were bricks with stamps declaring that they belonged to the 12 Roman legion, clay tablets with cuneiform writing (which predate almost all other written languages), clay lamps from almost every era imaginable, and all sorts of other things. Below is a a photo I took of an Egyptian ceremonial cup (about the size of a shot glass) with the seal (cartouche) of Pharaoh Ramses II (1303-1213 BCE). Don't ask me why it uploaded sideways.

    Ceremonial cup with cartouche of Pharaoh Rameses2.jpg
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  9. Kevin Anderson

    Kevin Anderson TrainBoard Member

    Saturday I was able to start cutting plywood for module frames. All that is left is a couple special cuts and sanding then I can start assembly of 11 modules with two more partially cut. Need a couple of measurements for that set of two. The total number of module sets will be three. One with four sections. One with 2 sections, and one with 7 sections

    Sunday afternoon I went and operated on a friends layout for a couple of hours.

    All in all a great weekend


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  10. nscalestation

    nscalestation TrainBoard Supporter

    Good morning everyone. I had a productive weekend with the layout.

    Got the upper helix started, enough to push a train up it to do point to point operations with Carlin yard. It will me several months before I have finished enough parts to complete the helix so this gives me something to operate.


    And I got the rest of the panels for the turnout controls in Carlin done.


    Also started some car card holders made from scraps of plastic. These are very light so are just stuck to the fascia with adhesive. So far have 4 completed and 3 more in progress.

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  11. Philip H

    Philip H TrainBoard Member

    Saturday ended up being the first non-rainy day in 10 days, so I wrangled the lawn into submission. Then we did the weekly laundry, and II took the oldest boy pier fishing in Bay St. Louis until midnight. I can't do those late nights like I used to.
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  12. Mark St Clair

    Mark St Clair TrainBoard Member

    After making progress on the spray booth exhaust, I had to wrestle with the actual exhaust outlet location. Decided to attempt to share the existing dryer exhaust vent. That depends on finding suitable routing pieces.

    I have a laser engraver and spray booth to vent outside. I want to keep both in the attached garage, which has a rollup door, an interior door and an exterior door. No windows. This is a rental house, making me reluctant to punch new holes in walls or doors. I rigged up a temporary vent to a flexible hose which can be set outside through an open door. OK sometimes, but not good if the wind changes direction, returning the smoke to the garage. Also limiting when the outside temps drop.

    What I need is a junction or "Y", 4" diameter, that does a good job of sealing off the alternate path. Not good to blow smoke or paint fumes into the clothes dryer! Failing that I may need to swap the hoses each time I change uses.

    Open to any suggestions you all may have.

    I think it is time to buy a house.

    Otherwise, I spent Sunday afternoon fixing up a small seating area on the south side of the house. Make the most of our limited sunny weather.

    Stay safe,
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  13. dti406

    dti406 TrainBoard Member

    Good afternoon from partly cloudy, hot and humid Northeast Ohio.

    Got back from Cardiac Rehab this morning and rested up. Friday we had a meeting on running the Men’s Ohio State Bowling Tournament next year and I followed that up with bowling in league where I averaged 190 for the night and our team won 7 points.

    Saturday did some modeling modifying a 40’ boxcar to have a 10’ plug door and doing some work on a feed mill for the club layout. Went out for dinner with my son and his wife for the evening at my nieces restaurant in Ohio City.

    Sunday continued work on the 40’ boxcar and started decalling a boxcar and depressed center flat car. Made a trip to Costco along with watching a British mystery on Britbox.

    Rick Jesionowski
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  14. nscalestation

    nscalestation TrainBoard Supporter

    Mark what I think you might need is something like this for each input. This is a 4 inch inline vent check valve, this image came from Home Depot so I guess they will have those plus the Y you need.

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  15. gmorider

    gmorider TrainBoard Member

    Dealerships! Patoohey! (y) @Jim Wiggin, yep. Clean and crisp work! :cool: Fine pics and projects! ;) Great weathering! My weekend included a lot of driving. Ate Mexican. Saw soccer. Ate grilled burgers. Attended family reunion. First in two years. Ate potluck. Felt stuffed. :oops: Rested Sunday P.M. Errands this A.M. Now...back to the 1939 Olds. I have a couple of ideas to work out problems. Then we will see. :eek: All have a great week. :D
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  16. Tim Holmes

    Tim Holmes TrainBoard Member

    Hi Guys -- really late on this -- sorry!!!!

    Saturday I got a bunch of work done in the rocky mount area of the Digital San Luis and Rio Grande -- got a tunnel built around the end of the first peninsula, then extended the mains down to the BNSF Container Exchange yard -- I need to model the cranes yet, and get the yard finished but its largely done -- I still have a TON of work to do on landscape etc -- im still learning the system with Rolling Line, My primary goal is to get the segment from Walsenburg to Alamosa done, so that I can start operations -- I have the rest of today and tomorrow off as well as the weekend (I get to work on friday) so I'll see how much I can get done!

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