WANTED Lowell Smith "Concept Car" paper inserts

Michael Homewood Sep 19, 2021

  1. Michael Homewood

    Michael Homewood New Member

    Hello Fellow N Scalers,

    I'm looking for a few paper inserts for the older Lowell Smith "Concept Cars",
    which were only sold at the annual NSC Conventions.These cars were all
    produced by Micro-Trains as "undecorated" cars, then hand finished by
    Lowell before release.

    I need the PAPER INSERTS for the following cars, but would consider complete
    items if need be:

    Bubba Gump Shrimp Company 50' reefer (1995),
    Starbuck's hopper w/coffee beans (1998),

    If possible, I'd also like to purchase (or at least compare) the following paper
    inserts to the inserts I have, to see if they are correct for the release.

    Operation Lifesaver 33' hopper w/life savers (1996)
    Darigold Egg Nog 39' tank car (1997)

    If you have any of the above inserts (or complete cars with inserts) that you
    would sell (or know someone who does), please contact me with condition
    and asking price at itstrains4me@sbcglobal.net.


    Mike Homewood
    Wentzville Missouri
    zip 63385
    area code 314

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