WANTED Micro-Trains Special Runs

Michael Homewood Sep 19, 2021

  1. Michael Homewood

    Michael Homewood New Member

    Hello Fellow N Scalers,

    I'm looking for about 25 Special Run cars for my personal collection.
    ANY help would be greatly appreciated from either yourself or someone you might know.
    If you have any of the below cars, please contact me with condition and asking price.
    Please feel free to share this list with friends and fellow collectors.
    ALL cars are N scale MICRO-TRAINS SPECIAL RUNS, some being fairly current, others much older.

    In order by date produced, starting with the NSC/NSE number followed by a brief description.

    76-01A NTRAK 50' boxcar, #1776-1976, dark brown w/ white lettering
    76-01B NTRAK 50' boxcar, #1776-1976, black w/ white lettering
    78-02A Belmont Shores 33' hopper, #007, brown
    78-05 Doovas 33' hopper, #1978, DARK yellow
    78-05A Doofus 33' hopper, #?OF10TO14, lt blue w/red lettering
    78-08 Kendall 40' boxcar, #7020, blue w/ SMALL lettering
    81-01C Belmont Shores 34' caboose, #1971-1981, tuscan w/ blk lettering
    81-02A Belmont Shores 34' caboose, #1971-1981, yellow w/ brn lettering
    81-03 Belmont Shores 34' caboose, #1971-1981, LIGHT brown w/ wh lettering
    81-06A Visalia, 39' tankcar, black
    82-01A NMRA PCR convention, 33' hopper, orange
    82-01C NMRA PCR convention, 33' hopper, green
    82-01D NMRA PCR convention, 33' hopper, blue
    82-01E NMRA PCR convention, printing stages (5 cars)
    82-17 Aksarben World Fair 6 pack (2-boxcars, 1-hopper, 2-tankcars, 1-caboose)
    17-232 KCS 50' flatcar, brown, with Army loads
    18-29 NTRAK 89' observation car "Robert A. Gatland"
    19-61 NMRA 50' boxcar, brown, "Golden Spike" SLC Convention
    20-100 N de M 89' coach #2020 blu/yel
    20-101 N de M 89' coach #2021 blu/yel
    20-102 N de M 89' coach #2022 blu/yel

    Thank you for looking, hope to hear from you soon.
    Mike Homewood
    Wentzville, MO
    zip: 63385
    area code: 314

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