WANTED "N" Bachman 0-4-0 gears

T.C. Mar 27, 2021

  1. T.C.

    T.C. New Member

    I have a Joe Works Hon30 on a Bachman 0-4-0 chassis that has the plastic gears in between the metal wheels.
    Both gears and hubs are split, I made sleeves to close the split witch worked but one of the gears didn't close and is creating a problem with the mesh. It hangs up when it gets to the split when turning by hand so I know it's not going to work.
    If anyone has a fix or the gears please let me know.
    Thanks T.C.
  2. tracktoo

    tracktoo TrainBoard Member

    Many Bachmann gears will fit if the tooth count is correct but the ones I know for sure are those from the 3 axle Plymouth. They were also available as parts, 3 axle set. Take them apart and use the gears only.
  3. wingnut1974

    wingnut1974 TrainBoard Member

    i think i have an 040 you can rob parts from i will let you know if i find it its buried some where
  4. T.C.

    T.C. New Member

    Thanks Wingnut, that would be great !

    I made sleeves for the hubs to bring the splits back together witch worked on one gear but the other gear still has a little catch to it. I think the gap between the teeth is to wide and it's not meshing just rite ?
    You can contact me by email if you want at...... terry.cowger@yahoo.com
    Thanks Terry

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