WANTED N Scale Kato SD70MACs BNSF 9837 & 9839

Dave McDonald May 18, 2021

  1. Dave McDonald

    Dave McDonald TrainBoard Member

    Good evening...I am looking for a couple of N-Scale Kato SD70MACs. First is the BNSF Executive scheme with a road number of 9837. Second is the BNSF Swoosh scheme with a road number of 9839. Looking for new or very close to it in original boxes with correct inserts. I can pay any way you want or I have a ton of N-scale to trade. If you have either of these, please send me a PM. Thanks for looking.
  2. Point353

    Point353 TrainBoard Member

  3. Lowell Johnson

    Lowell Johnson TrainBoard Member

    Morning Dave,
    I was going thru some back Trainboard posts and came across this. Did you ever find #9839? I have one in perfect condition w/Digitrax DCC installed. No missing or broken parts, all lights incl ditch and number boards work, cab sun shades installed, responds perfectly to DCC. Can't tell from new. Perfect original box. (Also have similar #8987 w/o DCC.)
    These are selling used on eBay at $150+ w/o DCC, but I may be interested in a trade. Really like many Canadian roads, as well as Rock Island and other Kato Heritage locos. Sorry to waste your time if you found what you need, but this is what I have. Thanks. Lowell Johnson.
  4. Dave McDonald

    Dave McDonald TrainBoard Member

    Thanks for your offer Lowell, but I will pass.

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