Need info on how to create a JMRI decoder definition.

drken Jan 14, 2020

  1. drken

    drken TrainBoard Member

    I've installed Rokuhan decoders in my Shinkansen, but DecoderPro can't recognize it. Not surprising as they're relatively new and Z-scale is relatively niche. It works using a Digitrax decoder definition, except that the room lights turn on using F1 from the base station, but F2 from the phone throttle. I can live with that, but I'd rather not if I don't have to as there are probably other issues that haven't come up yet. There is some info on how to edit a definition on the JMRI site, but I don't really know enough about XML files to put in the specific stuff for a Rokuhan decoder. Does anybody know of a good, basic tutorial for writing/editing decoder definitions? Or even better, a repository that has definitions for the Rokuhan A059 decoder?

  2. jdetray

    jdetray TrainBoard Member

    I recommend you join the JMRI Users Group:

    Decoder definitions are a frequent topic of discussion, and virtually all of the JMRI developers are on hand to answer questions, including those who create decoder definitions.

    - Jeff

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