Quick conversion BLI 2-8-2 from 1918 model to 1955 version

Tim Loutzenhiser Jul 26, 2009

  1. Tim Loutzenhiser

    Tim Loutzenhiser TrainBoard Supporter

    I really like my Broadway Limited Light 2-8-2 Mikado in B&O, but it's pretty much the as-delivered 1918 standard USRA model. I wanted to do something to make it look more like a B&O class Q-3 in the mid-1950's, so I ordered another smokebox cover assembly from BLI (too bad they didn't have one with the same number as my engine). I pulled the headlight, marker lamps, bell and handrail off, filled the openings where the number board and marker lamps were with contour putty, and repainted the cover with Model Master Gunship Gray acrylic. I put the headlight assembly where the bell was, put the bell on the boiler between the the steam dome and sandbox, and relocated the marker lamps a little lower. The finishing touch was the Cal-Scale B&O emblem in the center. Now I can quickly convert from the 1918 version to the 1955 version.
    Here's a link to a photo of what I wanted my 2-8-2 to look like:
    1918 version:
    1955 version:
  2. chooch.42

    chooch.42 TrainBoard Member

    That's a BEAUTY, Tim. Thanks for pointing out the changes and the proto-photo...you got the look just right. Bob C.
  3. Tim Loutzenhiser

    Tim Loutzenhiser TrainBoard Supporter

    Thanks, Chooch! Now I have to repaint the tender and add a "BALTIMORE AND OHIO" decal - this came from BLI with "BALTIMORE & OHIO" on the tender. Don't think any Q-3s had the "&".
  4. Schraddel

    Schraddel TrainBoard Member

    Hello Tim!
    A nice conversion you have done.
    A couple of weeks before i purchased a "surplus" Trix Mikado for an very interesting price. This Mikado has an NYC livery and i am planning to convert her into a B&O Q3.
    My layout is settled in the Cleveland arean and in an time frame about 1940 - 1948.
    My question; when B&O started to converse their Q3's?


    Greetings Lutz
  5. mtaylor

    mtaylor Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    That is one handsome locomotive....great job!

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