NYC Railroads of Madison County

rhensley_anderson May 22, 2015

  1. rhensley_anderson

    rhensley_anderson TrainBoard Supporter

    I will give a presentation on the Railroads of Madison County on Sunday July 19 at 2 PM at the History Center at 11 W 11th Street in Anderson (that's downtown). The presentation will cover all of the railroads that ran through the county and not just scenes in the county. We will cover NYC, PRR, CI, NKP, PC, Conrail and CSX and NS with emphasis on the older rail lines.

    Afterward, the train rooms will be open for anyone who wishes to stay and look over the model railroads and information that we have accumulated. There is no charge for entrance to the Center and parking is available on street and in the parking lot across the street.

    The History Center is funded by individual donations and membership and receives no other funding.
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  2. fitz

    fitz Staff Member

    Roger, I sure wish I wasn't 1,000 miles away, or I would be sure to attend. Any of our members who are close should plan on being there for Roger's presentation. He is quite a historian for rail operations in Madison County. Bridges weren't the only items of interest there.
  3. rhensley_anderson

    rhensley_anderson TrainBoard Supporter

    I might say at this point that it is in Indiana. I thought that I had put hat into the message. Oops!
  4. inch53

    inch53 TrainBoard Member

    Roger,,,,, that would be RR of Park county Ind. They have a big covered bridge festival every fall. If memory right, NYC, Milwaukie, and C&EI ran through there.

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