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Lawrie Hill Apr 16, 2018

  1. Lawrie Hill

    Lawrie Hill TrainBoard Member

    Still need help :-(

    I have bought a rokuhan r062 track layout with a rc03 controller and had my first run with an engine.

    Works great but...

    The engine will transfer to the inner track but will not continue past the points to carry on on the inside.
    Whichever of the points I change and whatever order or combination...there is no power to the inner track!

    I would have thought the power would be continuous.

    I have looked at a video where it works as it should. Points work fine and I have switched them around to no avail.

    Any ideas?
  2. emaley

    emaley TrainBoard Supporter

    You need to add the two screws to the bottom of the turnouts for non-power routing setting. Or you you could power both loops of track. Default for these turnouts routes the power to the selected track.

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  3. Greg Elmassian

    Greg Elmassian TrainBoard Member

    The OP says no combination powers the track past the switch. That's not a power routing issue.

    1. if it was set for power routing, at least one position of the switch would provide power past the switch.
    2. not set for power routing, the all tracks past the switch would always be powered

    If the situation is exactly as stated, there is a problem with with switch.

    (now hopefully the OP is providing power BEFORE the switch, not trying to power one branch and get power to the other, in which case Trey's suggestion will fix the problem)

  4. Lawrie Hill

    Lawrie Hill TrainBoard Member

    Thanks for helping.

    To explain more. MThe turnouts are powered from a rc03 which is linked to the outside oval and they switch perfectly.

    The engine will transfer to the inner oval with the points correctly set.

    The engine will continue round the inner oval fine. However, when the points are set for it to continue around the inner oval the engine stops. There is no power to the inner oval.

    As I said, there is no setting I can find where the engine can continue on the inner oval.
  5. markm

    markm TrainBoard Supporter

    So as I understand it, the outer oval is MTL and has the power connection. You move the MTL turnout to divergent and the Rokuhan turnout to divergent to move the engine to the inner track. The engine runs until the Rokuhan turnout is moved to the normal position. Correct me if I've missed something.

    If you haven't added to screws as Trey described, the Rokuhan turnout will only conduct power in the direction the turnout is set. This is different than the MTL turnout which always conducts power through the turnout. The simplest solution is to add a power connection to the inner loop.

    Hope this helps,

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  6. rvn2001

    rvn2001 TrainBoard Member

    As Trey said. If you want to run from one loop to the other and/or run one train on either loop you would need to add the screws to make the points non power routing. If you want to run 2 trains on each loop separately you would need to leave the points as they are and supply power to the second loop with another controller.
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  7. Lawrie Hill

    Lawrie Hill TrainBoard Member

    Oh dear, I had assumed that non power routing was meant the points were manually changed.
    Thanks for the support in getting me started!
  8. GmanJeff

    GmanJeff TrainBoard Member

  9. Lawrie Hill

    Lawrie Hill TrainBoard Member

    Thanks I had seen that before I bought the set but thought it mainly addressed situations with running two trains not one
    I have tried today without much success. The firm I bought them from have been helpful and will replace the points if I want.

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