Rokuhan track - Having crossing issues

pmx Feb 9, 2013

  1. pmx

    pmx TrainBoard Member

    I decided I would build a quick and relatively basic test track layout. Initially I did a single track double figure 8 with a single 13 deg crossing, four 90 deg crossings and 245 and 270 curves.
    Double Figure 8 - single track.jpg (completed inner loops not shown)
    This seemed to work ok but after running for an evening and looking at Joes's layout, I decided that I could come up with something that was more interesting and could still fulfill the test loop function. So I rearranged, and did a pair of basic ovals that crossed each other. One would become more layout with turnouts and track added later. The other would remain just the oval.
    Test loop plus.jpg

    However now I'm experiencing issues with derailments/shorting entering the crossing. This is occurring with each of the AZL GP38-2's and the AZL SD40-2 I own. Looking closer I see the head of the rails on the crossings sits just slightly higher then the adjoining sections. Not sure what is the best course of action to take. Using a blank door for the base so I am confident all the sections at the same level. So I was wondering if anyone else has had issues with the Rokuhan crossings.

    As a side note the AZL SD40-2 loves the long straight aways, but it still loads down even on the 270mm curves.

    ~Paul E.
  2. Garth-H

    Garth-H TrainBoard Supporter

    I don't have any AZL locos only MTL ones and have had no problems with them. The MTL SD40-2 has very little clearance under the truck so if anything were sticking up it would hit it on the crossings I have, the plow on the SD40-2 from MT?L is the most likely things to hit on something that is high and I have seen no snagging on my crossings and also have two 13 degree and one 90 degree.At least the plow won't cause a short but if the bottom of the truck hit the track that would create a short.

    I would try dragging a a jewellers file back and forth over the frogs of the cross over to see if you can reduce the height and stop the shorting.

    You seem to indicate that first track ovals you set up worked fine but not after you altered the track plan you started to have trouble. How are you fastening the track to your door. You do not want the track nails or rail spikes to be full down hard there needs to be a bit of play. Also when you changed your track plan did not sand over where your track nails or spikes had been before, to remover the ridge around the hole as it does not take much of bump on the door surface under a crossover or switch to distort them if pinned down hard with track nails. I always use a drill bit to make an undersized hole for my track nail or spike so the wood around the nail or spike is not pushed up with a collar and then press fit the track nail or spike with just enough pressure to end up flush with track bed, leaving the track in what I call a rattling fit.
  3. pmx

    pmx TrainBoard Member

    Haven't run any of my MTL loco through the track yet. The SD40-2 is an AZL brass loco, so there weren't any clearance issues.

    You are correct, I didn't notice any issues with the first ovals. It wasn't until I reconfigured that I started having issues. None of the track is nailed down, as it is still a work in progress until I'm happy with the setup. The door is just providing a nice even playing field to work on. I did find that one of the joints on the 90 deg crossing wasn't seating correctly in the joiner and I had to push down on the rail to get it to seat properly. But still had issues so I removed all the 90 deg crossings and still had issues at the 13 deg crossings.

    I just took it apart for the moment and will reassemble later, putting the parts together in a different order, to see if I still have issues.

    ~Paul E

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