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bobcorrigan Nov 20, 2012

  1. robert3985

    robert3985 TrainBoard Member

    Nice thing about modeling the U.P. is that you can have modern diesels and spectacular steam still. The 3985 is gonna be up and running next year or the next, and, of course, the 844 runs all over the system (and beyond) with one Centennial still functioning and a great looking set of modernized E units to pull the business trains.

    Athearn's coming out with another run of Tsunami sound-equipped Challengers at the end of December or January, and Kato is rumored to be producing a modern UP 844 with appropriate new cars and water tender sometime in the first quarter of next year. I heard it directly from the Kato rep's mouth at the Salt Lake World's Greatest Hobby Show in the middle of the year, and I believe him!

    So, start saving your nickles and dimes for an Athearn 3985 in December (about $350 worth of nickles and dimes) and the appropriate cars to go behind it. A fun project!...then hope that Kato makes good on its rep's promise in 2013.

    Steam AND modern diesels! And it's prototypically correct! What fun...!

    Bob Gilmore
  2. wingnut1974

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    great to see another nscaler i model the gm&o and andn others. consider the new locos are pretty long so make gentle curves so they look and operate well. i have an old rivarossi 2-8-8-2 in as&sf lettering i got in highscool it will do tight curvers but doesnt look good. my eunits and pas have same effect butfs, fas, and geeps look great and run great.
  3. bobcorrigan

    bobcorrigan TrainBoard Member

    Thanks Bob - I know everyone has a favorite railroad (or two, or ten), and mine is (at least currently) U.P. Glad to know there's another fan here!

    I've marked a place in my checkbook for UP 844 (or was that 8444? :cute:) when it comes out. I had a buddy who wanted to go spotting for UP 844 a few years ago; I wish I took him up on the offer.

    I'm going to be reading up on DCC as much I can, as I am spoiled by both sound and the challenge of it.

    Finally, Bob, are there get-togethers at a national or regional level where N-folk gather each year? Conventions or shows? It would be nice to put some faces on the names someday.


  4. bobcorrigan

    bobcorrigan TrainBoard Member

    I'm not understanding something you mentioned, Brian - what I'm hoping to do is combine motion + sound, not DCC and DC, but that's a neat idea too.

    I have not seen any of the FVMs up close but I love the idea of putting the grab bars in the box, it appeals to the modeler in me.

    And their rolling stock looks really nice too.


  5. bobcorrigan

    bobcorrigan TrainBoard Member

    Neat! You can have two controllers in one loco?

    My goal is to get one (1) loco set up and operating with DCC and sound, and make the wee thing go in a circle with some cars behind it. Endeavor to persevere!

  6. upguy

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