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kevsmith Aug 31, 2020

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    The U.K railway scene is gradually opening up again with an emphasis on social distancing at preserved railways and on mainline steam tours. I'd promised the kids I'd take them to the Millerbeck light railway who had introduced book time slots for families to arrive and depart as well as keeping family groups in bubbles when riding the train. I've lifted a lot of details from their brochure

    The Millerbeck Light Railway is a private railway situated in the grounds of Millerbeck House, in the Lakeland village of Staveley-in-Cartmel, near Newby Bridge.

    Visitors of all ages are welcome to enjoy this 7¼" gauge railway and grounds on a limited number of occasions each year. Offering a relaxed and family friendly, fun filled day out all within this beautiful Lakeland setting, running through meadows and woodlands, crossing the charming Millerbeck strea

    Modelled as a 'narrow gauge' railway, visitors of all ages are welcome to join us and enjoy this beautiful location.

    The railway likes to run 4 or 5 passenger trains at the same time, offering a selection of steam, diesel, and electric locomotives.

    Visitors are taken on a long ride, of around a mile, through the curves and substantial gradients of this complex track, weaving through the meadows, woods and over the beck in this picturesque setting in the heart of the English Lake District.

    Construction was started in 1985 by the then owner Arthur Bailey and a group of three local friends, as a private railway to track gauge measurements between the rails of 7¼".

    This is one of several gauges for miniature railways, ranging from 3½" to 18" gauge... but 7¼" gauge is regarded as the most practical of the smaller gauges, where a person can sit 'in' as opposed to 'on' both the carriages and locomotives

    Millerbeck was purchased as a family home by Arnold & Judith Gorse and their daughter Laura back in 2002.

    Along with a group of volunteers, indeed friends, they have made this little section of the Lakes popular with adults and children alike whenever the Line is open.

    Although non-commercial, visitor are welcome on our occasional open days to enjoy the beautiful grounds and ride a selection of different train

    There were at least seven locomotives running on the day including


    A new addition to the regulars at Millerbeck, Poppy is a superb replica built by Paul Frank of a WW1 Andrew Barclay austerity 0-6-0 loco which were commissioned by the Ministry of Munitions in 1916.

    These 2 foot gauge engines served in France during the war and were painted in Matt black so that nothing was shiny in the fields of war.


    Built c.1983 as a thwarted commission by Arthur Bailey and spent a year running on a track at Witherslack Hall before running here at Millerbeck on the newly emerging railway.

    Originally 'Sybil', this is a miniature copy of the full size 'Sybil'. The owners of Millerbeck re-named her Laura after their daughter on her 21st Birthday, following a major re-build by Paul Franks. Seen double heading with Angkor Thom

    more soon

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    A one third scale replica of an Andrew Barclay 0-4-0 Well Tank Loco. So called because the feed water was carried in a tank between the frames.

    The original full-scale type was built in 1923 and used in a Scottish Lead Mine being christened – Wenlock. First steamed in 2008, and with extra weight added between the frames, Ailsa has proved very capable at hauling heavy loads around Millerbecks demanding track.


    Formerly ALBERT, which was built in 2004-6, by Alf Case and Phil Rigby, A 5inch to 1foot scale Battery-Electric replica of diesel loco No. 1772, built by the famous Hunslet Engine Co. of Leeds in 1934, for the 18" gauge railway at the Woolwich Arsenal, London.

    Another similar loco, Carnegie, was built 20 years later in 1954, and still exists.

    Re-built in 2014 by the Eddison family, and other friends, but now as a petrol-electric engine, and re-named Alf in grateful memory of Alf Case, who died in July 2014.


    Built by the Eddison family in 2013, Geoff ran for the first time at Millerbeck’s Halloween Event. Geoff is a powerful, 4-horsepower battery/electric twin bogey loco, weighing just under 300kgs.

    A family effort, everybody did their bit to build this ‘one-off’ loco. It was named and dedicated to the memory of Geoff Whitham, of Black Dyke Mills fame, who affected the lives of the Eddison family so much.

    'Geoff' has now been joined by two matching coaches similarly dedicated to great musicians.

    CP AC44Cws #9588 and 9651.

    Standard gauge rather than narrow gauge but two big old units! The I.C engine is in the cab of the lead unit

    Annie dressed as the Batmobile for some reason

    all in all a very nice day out, the weather was good and the staff and volunteers worked really hard to help people enjoy their visit

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    The second photo in your first post reminds me of a YouTube video scene, with a bagpipe band riding and playing. I wonder if it is the same location?

    BNSF FAN TrainBoard Supporter

    That one little engine wearing the mask is funny and cool. (y)
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    Tier 5 emissions standards being tested....:p
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    CP AC4400Ws in UK... Great !!:LOL:

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    i was watching them and thinking I could do one like that. my lathe would just about stretch to it. It would be a bit different from my Z!

    Of course it would have to be one of my precious Nickel Plate PA 'Bluebirds'

    maybe when I retire?

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