Thoughts on a new N Scale layout

tony22 Jan 27, 2014

  1. Backshop

    Backshop TrainBoard Member

    I didn't have the info about the branch grade slope you wanted, how long your trains will be, how #10 switches are totally inappropriate for this size layout (I was only using track from your inventory), etc, that apparently David has privy to, so my plan was just a slight "idea starter" modification of the last plan YOU had drawn up. And though it was riddled with mistakes, as David pointed out, I can't take the credit for EVERY goof. My plan was derived from one you modified from an earlier suggested plan -- and THAT was the plan with the too-steep grade, the too-short siding, and the switch way in the back. A plan drawn up by somebody with the initials DKS. David should straighten him out.
    Good luck with this layout. Maybe you'll someday get to build one that can run the big steamers.
  2. David K. Smith

    David K. Smith TrainBoard Supporter

    Backshop, I apologize, I work on dozens of plans at a time, and being human I make mistakes too, like forgetting that I created issues in the first place. Hope you can accept my apology; it won't happen again, I promise.

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