Trainini magazine - April issue

MIHS85 May 10, 2021

  1. MIHS85

    MIHS85 TrainBoard Member

    Hello everyone,

    The April issue of the Trainini international edition is now available at


    - Märklin's new SSy 45 heavy goods freight car with Leopard 1A1 battle tank cargo;
    - Type V 23 livestock freight car;
    - Herpa's 1:200 scale DC-3 in Pan-Am colours ;
    - New Z-scale overseas shipping crates from Joswood;
    - Report on NoBa-Modelle, a small-series accessories producer;
    - Letters to the editor, product announcements and other news.

    Happy reading!

  2. sumgai

    sumgai TrainBoard Member

    I love this Emagazine. The level of detail Marklin builds into their European prototype Z scale offerings is remarkable. And the expert discussions in the magazine on the variations of a Marklin German flat car.....well, I admit it makes my eyes glaze over.

    Now back to my Marklin American prototype trains, aka "the Lionel starter sets of American Z". Offerings where you can change a Marklin Pacific into a Marklin Mikado with a one screw chassis replacement and poof, a totally different locomotive!
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  3. SJ Z-man

    SJ Z-man TrainBoard Member

    No so surprising that they reprised the out-of-proportions freight set, as they had released American GP’s and E’s. They still had the molds so why not ?

    At least it will some new Z folks in for a try.

    BTW: I prefer the Pacific (4-6-2) as the 2-axle pilot negotiates the track better that the single axle pilot on the Mikado (2-8-2), especially in curves or the divergent route on turnouts.
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