What's your Model Train needs? What products? Would you use TrainStore?

Switchman Sep 19, 2012

  1. Switchman

    Switchman TrainBoard Member


    For various reasons (health/Family) I've had to downsize my layout plans from a multi-deck full room layout to 3.5' x 7.5' layout. However, when I was flush with cash I purchased every thing I needed for my dream layout, about 12-14K $.

    Now I've 100's of items that are new in box, never been run, mounted, or used in any way (Except having a pro install DCC decoders in 30 locos). So all I'll sell is NEW stuff. I've placed some adds on TrainStore's N Scale Buy-it-now and have received a lot of views but only one inquiry. It will take more time than I want to spend to list all these items. So if you folks will assist me and respond letting me know what your serious needs are. If I got them I'll let you know and put these items on TrainStore.

    Regarding my current adds, I believe:

    A) There is no interest in these items.
    B) My prices were out of line.
    C) No funds are available for N Scale purchases.

    B) I can beat prices at most (maybe all) on-line sites, eBay included.
    I have reduced my prices on the current items and found no O/L site for less.
    C) I can't do anything about item "C"

    Shipping I have to charge whatever it costs me because I'm an individual. I will ship to a lot (not all) of overseas locations.

    If you can would, can you respond with the n Scale items that you are interested in and need. I'll respond back and tell you if I got them and that I've placed an add on TrainStore. I am a motivated seller so lets talk price.

    See ya
  2. mtntrainman

    mtntrainman TrainBoard Supporter

    Hey Ron...I am interested in a few 6 axle DCC locomotives.

    Road names not so important...as I run what I like :)

    Also...looking for a Bachmann Spectrum 2-8-0 DCC.
    I have other wants/needs but have an errand to run...so will post more hopefully when I get back.

  3. MVW

    MVW E-Mail Bounces

    Hey Ron,

    Sorry to hear you have to downsize. Hopefully you can get a fair dollar for the items you decide to sell.

    It's funny, because I was just checking your ads out earlier today. Looked like nice prices on the passenger cars. I don't use switch machines, so I can't comment on that.

    Personally, I'm modeling the transition era, approximately 1954. The Chicago & North Western and other Midwest roads, as well as the UP, are my preferred roadnames. My needs (in declining order):

    1. DCC-equipped (or at least DCC-ready) locos. I've been able to buy many of these pre-owned, with DCC, for $30 to $60.
    2. Structures (industrial) and scratchbuilding materials
    3. Vehicles
    4. Backdrops (industrial and/or city)
    5. Structures (railroad-related)
    6. Atlas code 80 track and Custom Line turnouts
    7. Passenger cars
    8. Freight cars

    I'm still in the process of building my layout. It's sectional, so it's already operational, but I already have more than enough freight cars to stock the line through the next few expansions. Even so, I may be interested in C&NW or other Midwest cars. As far as passenger cars go, I'm probably 2-3 years away from adding passenger service to operations, but again may be interested if the right road names pop up. I'm also interested in undecorated cars, both freight and passenger.

    As far as rolling stock goes, I was just at a train show last weekend where used MT cars were going for as low as $6, which I think anyone would consider a darn good price. There were several there I could eventually use (Milwaukee Road, MKT, CBQ, etc.), but I didn't pull the trigger because my hobby money is better spent on scratchbuilding materials right now.

    I don't know if this is of any use to you, but good luck!

  4. Doug A.

    Doug A. TrainBoard Supporter

    I think that, regarding your existing items you just need a little patience.

    Regarding price, you will find as the price increases, so must your patience to find the right seller. Most folks are looking for killer deals....if you're not 35% off MSRP or more, it's not a killer deal in most cases. Exceptions would be hard to find items, and knowing what those are just takes some research or watching trends. That "killer deal" price might be less than you are willing to accept so again you will need to wait it out until you find the right buyer at the higher price. If you have time, that is a good strategy too. Personally I price things to move, figuring that the cost to store (both actual and opportunity costs) an item is not worth trying to spend the time and energy to extend the selling process over a longer time period. But I accept that I'm foregoing a higher return and am willing to accept that.

    Here's a few things from personal experience that I think will sell well.... I think you'll find that C55 track would be a good seller. I know, from personal experience, that Walthers ballast cars sell good, especially UP. BLMA, Exactrail, Trainworx, ESM, et al stuff sells good since not everyone has access to a retailer that carries and/or stocks them. Detail parts do pretty good depending on what it is. Any items that are no longer tooled but are still of high quality are good. (some structures, details, some rolling stock, etc.) Deluxe Innovations intermodal stuff in certain roadnames will do well since they haven't really produced anything in many years now. (they are starting to, but there is a laundry list of things a mile long that haven't been available for eons)
  5. chenxue

    chenxue TrainBoard Member

    "It will take more time than I want to spend to list all these items."

    I guess I can understand thinking this way, but I don't think it's the way
    to move your inventory. Puttin' your goods where folks can see 'em, it's
    just a part of doin' business. Depends on how serious you are about
    selling the items! Not trying to bruise feelings, just my suggestion... :)
  6. DCESharkman

    DCESharkman TrainBoard Member

    You may have had a sale for all the cars if you had answered my question.
  7. Doug A.

    Doug A. TrainBoard Supporter

    What's your Model Train needs? What products? Would you use TrainStore ?

    I think this is where something like the NScaleYardSale on Yahoo groups has the advantage....one post with a list of ALL items you want to sell. No need for separate listings. Trainboard used to work this way, too.
  8. Qtipeus

    Qtipeus TrainBoard Member

    What's your Model Train needs? What products? Would you use TrainStore ?

    First, never looked on here to see if there was a marketplace, but will surely go explore it!! I'll check my shopping list and message you.

    That said, I'd suggest selling on eBay, too, if u need to move items. I'm selling G-scale on eBay since I'm switching scales. By using my smartphone app, it takes little time to take a pic or two, make a quick description, and you can Indicate that you have multiples of items. just a thought to help you move items.

    Agree with other posters...have to list items to sell them, have to be patient as some items are more desired, and yahoos list where you can itemize in one list seems like another good source.

    All the best to you and your family in your time of need.

  9. porkypine52

    porkypine52 TrainBoard Member

    I think it would be a good idea to sit down and figure a way to sell all the items that you are wanting to vend out. I would group all the track work, turnouts, turnout motors, flex track, rail, ties, sectional track, anything remotely connected with track work and make a list (spreadsheet if you get ambitious). Post the list several places, TRAINBOARD, N Scale Yard Sale, etc etc. After the track work I would move on to rolling stock, engines (list steam & diesel together, but have separate columns), building kits (built & unbuilt) scenery supplies, and miscellaneous items that don't fit anywhere else. I realize that this will take time. Make a MASTER list and then make copies of the master that you could work from.
    I would group rolling stock together ie: flat cars, stock cars, boxcars etc. Sell in groups of 3, 4 or 5 each for one price. Selling each piece of rolling stock and each engine by it's self can be a huge mess, take forever to do and be a big hassle to ship out.
    On shipping: When ever possible I would use USPS Priority Flat Rate Boxes for shipping. I've shipped FeeBay items all over the world and never had a problem yet. But then most of my shipments have been 1 to 5 N Scale cars or engines at a time. Anything valued over $100 has MANDITORY Insurance added. Remember that there are a few countries where the Postal System is not anywhere near as good as our USPS (France & Italy for example) and I would insist on UPS, FED or DHL for shipment to them.
  10. EMD F7A

    EMD F7A TrainBoard Member

    I'm interested in Any & All:
    -Northern Pacific
    -Great Northern
    -Spokane, Portland & Seattle (SP&S)

    Need a few things here & there, but mostly I need a GN F7 ABA or AB lashup from Intermountain, and passenger equipment of all of the above!

  11. gregamer

    gregamer TrainBoard Supporter

    I'd like some

    Intermountain 70-20 reefers (ARMN,BNSF,NRDX)
    Atlas 17,600 Corn Syrup tank cars
    Intermodal 5 packs got anything there?

    Also, if you want stuff to move quick put it on eBay and start the bidding low. People get attached to items and usually bid them up to a decent or better than decent price. Separate out your highest quality stuff and sell that individually. Group your other stuff in lots and they may sell better.

  12. D-Rio

    D-Rio TrainBoard Member

    if by any odd chance you have the MT Tivoli beer cars i am looking for one of them, but would take either.

    Also any DRGW, SP, and maybe even some UP stuff.

    A list would be helpful for us impulse buyers :)

    Thank you
  13. Kevin M

    Kevin M TrainBoard Member

    I used to have very good luck with trainstore. After they changed the format not so much. Lately I have using the N Scale Yard Sale, a Yahoo group and have very good sucsess there. Its worth a try and its free. Im not knocking trainstore here, its still a good place but you get more exposer if you list on multipul places.
  14. paperkite

    paperkite TrainBoard Member

    Looking for '40's era logging - steam N , frt or pass as well, E/early F's 2's or 3's , series streamliners ( no DCC ) log cars-flats / bunks. UP, GN, NP, and some pass cars in these roads. Do you have Pay Pal ?
  15. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    You probably don't have, but... These were relesaed in 2007 and I somehow missed them:


    45718 M&St.L #22513 Forty foot USRA double sheathed box car.
    45719 M&St.L #25108 Forty foot USRA double sheathed box car
  16. Switchman

    Switchman TrainBoard Member

    I've added N Scale Rolling Stock & Passenger cars to my sales album, Plus a directory/description of the cars.
    Here's a link to the album;


    If you see something you would like to have PM me and I'll put an add(s) in the Train Store. Any questions contact me.

    Next up will be my locomotives (30), Kits, Scenery, Track, Cork roadbed, Turnouts, and other stuff.

    See ya
  17. Switchman

    Switchman TrainBoard Member

    He's my Second set of pictures. My granddaughter wasn't available so I had to take them. I'm not that great of a photographer so be kind.

    This is the Steam and Diesel Locomotives I have available for sale. I've not put any prices on them. We'll see where any interest is and then see if we can work out a fair price for both of us. Here's a link to the album;


    Tomorrow I'll start work kits, Track, Turnouts, Some scenery items..

    See you
  18. Switchman

    Switchman TrainBoard Member

    This question was posted to one of the pictures in the Rolling stock album;
    "Do you have a list of the n scale items you have For Sale? How about a little Description- New or Used? Trucks, wheelsets, couplers? Do you have any decently sized pictures? What are the shipping charges and payment options? Thank you"

    Raises some good Points. And Some of these issues may have been covered in previous posts.

    Everything I put in the for Sale albums are NIB (New In Box) Never been run, used, mounted, changed in any way, except when a DCC Decoder was added to a locomotive. All items are in their original manufactures boxes.

    If you need the detail it is available in several ways,
    1) If after your review of the items in the "For Sale Albums" You are very serious inquirer (You've found what you need/want) let me know and I'll place an AD in TrainStore with the detail.

    2) The size of the pictures are the standard required for TrandBoard. I don't know if it's allowed (it's OK with me) but you can download the picture to your PC and using several methods available increase it's size.

    3) There are several pictures of the edge on of the all items cases with information you can use to look it up on the Internet and verify for yourself that this item is what you need/want. Again let me know and I'll place an ad in TrainStore.

    I hope this answers some of the questions.

    See ya
  19. jagged ben

    jagged ben TrainBoard Member

    Here is my wishlist, if prices are low enough to make me buy now instead of later...

    ATSF, post 1972 scheme:
    GP30 (Atlas)
    SD45-2 (Intermountain)
    GP50 (Kato)

    DRGW large logo GP40-2 (Atlas)

    Athearn UTLX 33.9k gallon tank cars

    Would probably also bite on various freight if appropriate for the mid 70's to mid 90s.

    Also Digitrax decoders if you have them unused and can offer them cheaper than retail.
  20. Kenneth L. Anthony

    Kenneth L. Anthony TrainBoard Member

    I have a couple items on Trainstore, one since July.

    Paperkite messaged me (and I just noticed the message): “How much for the 40 \' and the 42 \' ATSF converted pulp cars ?... and could the dihedral be removed easily? Paul”
    I answered paperkite with a reply in my thread and a PM.
    Apology to paperkite for not finding his message sooner. I have been checking Trainboard’s general pms, messages and notifications at least once daily, and my Trainstore sales item thread to see if anyone has added any comments. But I now see that I apparently have to go to the item and see if there is a message “flag” of a notification which shows up only there.

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