Why are prices seeming to rise exponentially lately?

txronharris Jun 16, 2020

  1. f2shooter

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    This has been an interesting thread. I tend to lurk around more than I actually post and this has given me pause. I model in three different gauges with different approaches to each. I've been in HO since I was about 12 and still have most of that old rolling stock including several Mantua/Tyco locomotives. They aren't fancy but so what? It's fun and for me that's the point. In addition to all the old cars and locomotives I still have at least one MRC tranformer that works well and some newer as well but I've decided not to go with DCC. The last five years or so I've come across a lot of estate sale models including one lady selling her late husbands 40+ year collection of beautifully made brass and a huge collection of more modest equipment and I found myself with way too much rolling stock and handmade track and turnouts for almost nothing. What shocked me was last year in Europe when I shopped around for some newer locomotives and found the Fleischman 2-10-0 I wanted for a mere $650.00!! I brought a few very nice things home but prices have gotten crazy! I guess I'll keep building and just have fun. I have a friend who is a serious 1/48 scale modeler mostly in WWII aircraft. He has researched extensively and has a closet full of variants, resin kits and mod kits not to mention an apartment full of display cases, beautifully done work. I'm just not that se rious.

    Rick H.
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    There may be a certain amount of trade war impact on prices, too. Tariffs end up getting paid by someone, and that's often the end consumer.

    I have lately been focused more on figuring out what I can do with what I have, as a primary way I've been dodging some of these prices. Generally, I am more in the market for an Alco RS-something perhaps, so that's often going to be Atlas in N scale, and there are quite a few floating around out there since Atlast releases more into the wild every couple years.
  3. Metro Red Line

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    If there was any hobby industry that sold its products for the same price for 30 years, it would have gone out of business 20 years ago.
  4. logging loco

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    I purchased a bunch of stuff 90's - 2000 and put it away for retirement, mostly N scale but some On3 brass loco and car kits.
    I purchased most N scale at train shows while in an NTRAK club. My wife gave me an West Model/Aspen N scale Climax. My friend was a small PSC dealer I got the On3 at cost.

    I've been retired a little over a year now. I went to my nearest, but not favorite LHS last week. First time I've been to one in years. I couldn't believe built up structures were $80.00 for a very small building.
    Now the hobby seems to have gone special order or limited edition everything, special gimmick and gizmo tools for everything.
    My local hobby shops stock less and less model railroading supplies. I realize stock that doesn't move is money tied up sitting on a shelf so I can't fault the shop owner for not stocking what doesn't sell.

    Enough griping on my part.

    I'm really enjoying the HCD layout I've started, but with the direction the hobby and sales in general have taken I probably would not be interested as a new modeler. I like looking at something and purchasing in person.
    Years ago I was fortunate to be able to visit some very nice nearly entirely scratch built On3 and O traction layouts.
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    I love the old stuff!

    I have done a reversal on my train interest. I am all about the older less detailed models. Slowly collecting all the trains I wanted to own as a kid. It is taking me time, because I refuse to pay top dollar. I wait and watch the auctions for that one car and then hope I can get it for 5 bucks. Everything else I do has to be hand made scratch built, or a cheap kit I found second hand.
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