Why can't the hobby shops survive?

Tbone Jun 25, 2007

  1. Tony Burzio

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  2. Phil Olmsted

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    Wonderful! I wonder why I haven't got any snail mail solicitations yet.
  3. Night Flyer

    Night Flyer E-Mail Bounces

    "I'm sorry Mr Smith, but we cannot loan you money to purchase a house or a car because you are more than three months behind on your Big Boy loan. . . ."

    While amusing to consider, somehow getting into the finance business to salvage a declining MRR LHS business sounds like doubling up every time you lose a bet in Vegas. The LHS would be better off opening a Slot Room in back, most likely (void where prohibited by law, etc).

    Despite apparently offending some people, Charlie/E-8's comments were right on target concerning why many LHS's go out of business. Anyone who starts a LHS based on their love of the hobby, their expertise in railroading and modeling, and a sufficient amount of capital or financing - but who lack previous business management experience - are in for a horrific learning experience that is quite likely to make them surly, if not downright offensive to customers, when they discover how little time their love of the hobby has left after dealing with just trying to survive day to day running a business.

    Personally, I root for all the channels to succeed, including the LHS, so we have lots of options. I'd hate to see MRR LHS's nationwide go the same route as the old drive-in movie theater.

  4. Route 66

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    That was made for YOU,Lets just run your credit report and you'll be on your way
  5. Tbone

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    Now that is funny,I think we could start a whole new post entitled; "Death of a Train Salesman"
  6. Night Flyer

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    "Hey, wait a minute! What I REALLY wanted was a SAL F-7 with a Landau roof, tuned headers, and chrome wheels. Whaddaya say?"
  7. YoHo

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    Yesterday I hit up Milepost 38 up in Anaheim Hills. It's the furthest away of the Hobbyshops I regularly patronize.
    Their new shop is lovely and what impressed me most is that I walked in 10 minutes to close. I was not rushed. There were I think 3-4 employees there including 1 gentlman in his early 20s (I think) I was asked repeatedly if I was finding everything all right and I was able to ask questions and get knowledgeable answers and this was all while they were busy doing inventory stuff and shootin the breeze with a regular.

    This concurs with my previous experience with them the day they were moving to their new store. Despite the fact that they had half the stock packed away, they were more then willing to pull stuff out to find what I needed.

    They have earned my business. I don't think I've been in a better store.
    Their prices aren't particularly discounted, but they aren't excessive either. They are, not surprising ATSF/BNSF-centric and the HO and N stock on these products was impressive and well displayed. Their DCC display was also one of the best I've seen.

    All you Southern Californians should stop by.
  8. BoxcabE50

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    Ha ha. That guy looks like the type who could sell you a new automobile, without an engine. And you'd walk away happy.


    Boxcab E50

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