Wiring the Grey and Grandure

Grey One Sep 22, 2006

  1. Grey One

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    If you just can't get to sleep and you would like to know more about the design, construciton and other aspects of the: Grey and Grandure.

    Grey and Grandure Threads
    For those with insomnia:

    Grey and Grandure: Design

    Grey and Grandure: Construction

    I have started serious planning for the wiring on the Grey and Grandure. Rrrr has offered to do the soldering or at least assist with it.

    DC and DCC will be used on the main line, (outter loop).
    DC only will be used on the GandG, (innner loop)

    The reason for both on the outer loop is it is just for running. There will not be any industries off of it.

    I am currently experimenting with using computer power cords for most of my wiring:
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  2. mtaylor

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    This might be a silly question, but why DCC and DC?
  3. dstuard

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    :eek: :eek: AARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!

    Please, PLEASE don't use AC cords and connectors for layout wiring!!!

    The photo shows a computer power cord about to be plugged into the low voltage output of a power pack. If the other end were plugged into 120 VAC.......:lightning: :lightning:

    You can use the wire of course, but cut the AC connectors off and use Molex or Anderson PowerPole connectors (or terminal strips) for your low voltage connection.

    See http://home.comcast.net/~dstuard/powerpoles/NtrakPowerpole.htm

    While we would be happy to have the average age of model railroaders reduced, spotting yourself on the "RIP" track is not the best way to do it!
  4. Grey One

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    Thank you for your concern. Are you worried about me personaly or that someone who does not know what they are doing might do something stupid?

    I have been trained since childhood how to handle power. My father was a renown electronics design engineer, Nothing exist in my home that you could inadvertantly plug that into.

    The above is a "proof of concept". I'm not sure if I will use it like that but it won't be due to safety issues if I don't.

    Still overall I respect your emphatic responce. As my father always said:
    Power is Not to be Played With

    You got to know the rules before you can break them.
  5. Grey One

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    "No such thing as a silly quesiton"

    I want to run multible trains on the main line as that really is what it is for. Most of the action / fun will be on the GandG switching and such.


    I do not see myself:
    Retrofitting my locos
    Soldering in my locos - In particular my favs such as my Bullet and my GN U50s.
    Paying someone to solder in my locos
  6. mtaylor

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    ah.....now it makes sense :).
  7. MK

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    I agree. This is not a good idea. One day you'll have a guest over and use the cord right into the AC socket on the wall, frying everything. Those are AC connectors and everyone knows they should be plugged into the wall. It's fine that you know it doesn't on your layout but the others.....
  8. Grey One

    Grey One TrainBoard Supporter

    As the picture shows but apparently in a confusing manner:
    The part that plugs into the wall has been cut off. I do not use that part. I'll try to provide a better drawing on Monday evening.

    I do understand where you are coming from and your input is strongly appriciated. :)
  9. Grey One

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    This schematic shows the sharing of control among 3 sources. It allows:
    Cabs A and C to give control to Cab B.
    It allows Cab B to choose who to accept control from.
    It prevents more than one cab from providing power directly to the rails at the same time.

    Physically the Grey and Grandure is a loop with three industrial areas and a quarry.
    Operationally the GandG is strictly a point to point. Trains leave Grandure and may go as far as the Quarry. They must return via the same rout even though there is a complete loop. The loop is used for “through freight” or basically “running trains”. It does add something of an operational challenge since trains must be able to continually run with no interference from switching operations, locals or stopping at Long Train. If things ever get slow it may represent a train coming in from another off board city.

    In addition there is an “outside loop” representing a main line that connects with the GandG at Grandure. This will have at least one and possibly two power supplies. Some day I will add DCC.

    To implement this I have planned for 5 (or more), control panels that will control:
    The yard and Grandure industrial areas. It will share the western half of the loop with Long Train.
    The entire loop is controlled by Long Train
    Grey and the Quarry. It will share the eastern half of the loop with Long Train
    Long Train – shared by all three
    Grandure shares one track with the main at the yard.

    I feel with this arrangement one person can run one and maybe two trains on the main line while running one and maybe two trains on the GandG.
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