Woodland Scenics/DPM Simple kits- tired of squaring up

timhar47 Aug 25, 2012

  1. timhar47

    timhar47 TrainBoard Member

    So - is anyone else out there tired of trying to square up those darned walls on the simple DPM WS kits? I would think that by now those edges could be manufactured without the bevel. Just curious.
  2. jeffrey-wimberly

    jeffrey-wimberly TrainBoard Member

    Still gotta shave 'em and align 'em with a tri-square. At least I know I'm assured a flush fit.
  3. stewarttrains98

    stewarttrains98 TrainBoard Member

    I would think that with the modern manufacturing technology that is out there today, the answer would be yes. But are you willing to pay the increased price for that? Myself, I dont mind having to do some sanding and fitting to complete the model. I would rather do that work then pay a higher price for the same kit. I am thankful that there are still really nice kits for under $30 still on the market.
  4. Kitbash

    Kitbash TrainBoard Supporter

    The old trick of holding the wall up to a square edge, while sanding works pretty well. The only way I've been able to take out the bevels and keep it straight.

    Here's a model where I square'd up the panel bevels....

    My "Angelo's Distributors" had DPM panels several squared edges where necessary.... bevels removed. However, if using the brick pylons between sections, there is really no reason to remove the bevel.

  5. railtwister

    railtwister TrainBoard Member

    You're already paying that higher price, most of the original Design Preservation kits were sold for less than $10, and many of those were closer to $5-$6. They are now up to 3 times that price, with no major changes or improvements. They were very basic kits consisting of 4 molded walls and a slab of thin white styrene sheet for the roof, all in a plastic zip lock bag, and that was it. Woodland Scenics has never been shy about their pricing!

    Bill in FtL
  6. r_i_straw

    r_i_straw Mostly N Scale Staff Member

    Maybe I misunderstand but I thought the bevels were there so that the walls would come together at 90° corners at a sharp point. When using the wall sections side by side the pylon sections cover over the bevels. However, I have noticed over the years that the molds are wearing out and there is a lot more flash along the edges. Also the front to back registering of the mold pieces can be skewed a bit.
  7. timhar47

    timhar47 TrainBoard Member

    Yup - they tell you in the instructions to remove the bevel, its only there because of the mold. I usually start it out with the Xacto, and lightly scrape the worst of it off. I have tried various sanding methods, and for me, all seem to never leave that desired edge that one wants. And the prices stink - now at $20, and these also are one of the ones that may be 'upping the cost' to the dealers (aka lowering the dealer discount to a smaller amount) they do this now instead of a price hike - same effect tho, the dealer gets the shaft, then we get the shaft still. Take a look at some of the latest prices on some of the BIG discount internet stores, you will note the margin between the list price, and their price, has a smaller gap then before.

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