Z scale help finding vehicles and rail gun

Gary Regester May 23, 2021

  1. Gary Regester

    Gary Regester TrainBoard Member

    Hi I am building a Z scale war themed design.... how difficult. I am trying to find vehicles and ultimately a rail gun or similar (z panzar does a great one but expensive) does anyone know where i can buy reasonably priced vehicles and especially a rail gun or how to build one. Many thanks for any help
  2. Zscaleplanet

    Zscaleplanet TrainBoard Supporter

    Reasonably priced is a matter of ones particular perspective. The rail gun you are after it was one of the most complex ever designed and it’s not going to be cheap. Best to do all that you can to build it yourself.

    I just looked up the price of the Zpanzar product, and it seems reasonable enough considering what you’re getting and the complexity of the build.
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  3. mdvholland

    mdvholland TrainBoard Member

    Gary, take a look at https://www.panzer-shop.nl/en_GB/c-4819224/1-220-z/

    Owner Gary has a small but nice assortment of tanks and trucks in Z. And might be willing to produce more of his N models in Z when there is demand. Pawel (Zdrada) has some of his stuff shown on his module here in this forum.




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