Atlas Alco switcher with MRC S2/S4 decoder - video

Discussion in 'HO Scale' started by Jon Grant, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Jon Grant

    Jon Grant TrainBoard Member

    I've just finished fitting an MRC S2/S4 sound decoder to my one-and-only Atlas Alco switcher. Overall I am quite satisfied with the sound, although the horn sound is a bit quiet. The fitting of a better speaker may address this.

    I also used the opportunity to test the new track layout at the west end of Sweethome, that has been progressing over the past few months.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Nickel Plate switcher at Sweethome Chicago[/ame]

  2. ak-milw

    ak-milw TrainBoard Member

    Excellent as always!!! :thumbs_up:
  3. friscobob

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  4. river_eagle

    river_eagle TrainBoard Member

    Jon, one of the things that I did when setting up the sounds was to set the engine sound level down to 1, that alco D-D-dump, D-D-dump, really cuts through.
    for the horn, of the 33 that are on the decoder, there are about six different single chime ones, 33 and 32 are two of them, set at different pitches from each other, the numbers for the others escapes me right now, one of them may be more to your liking.
    Although many members here and elsewhere go out of their way to poo-poo the MRC sound decoders, I, for one, am Very happy with them, over a dozen in HO, and at least that many in N.
    Truth be told, I removed a Lok 3.5 that I was never happy with from an Intermount. F7A, and replaced it with a DZ123/MRC1666 combo, and the improvement in performance and sound at half the price was unimaginable.
  5. Dee Das

    Dee Das TrainBoard Member

    I think they also did a good job with the MP15AC sounds on the Athearn unit. It's one of the better sounding EMD units out there.
  6. Jon Grant

    Jon Grant TrainBoard Member

    Thanks, I'll try that.

    The two at 33 and 34 sound closest to a single chime horn to me, although the loudest horn setting is still way too quiet for me - especially at an exhibition where it will be drowned out by the ambient noise

    I tore my hair out trying to get the steam chuffs to 4 per wheel revolution and ended up giving the decoders away, I was that peed off with them, so I wasn't expecting much from the S2/S4 decoder.

    I am happily surprised.

  7. Wolfgang Dudler

    Wolfgang Dudler Passed away August 25, 2012 TrainBoard Supporter In Memoriam

    Jon, great video. It's fun to see the switching!

  8. gdamen

    gdamen TrainBoard Member


    I do have currently two of these Atlas S2 locs and have used the NCE decoder in one of them. This combination has no problem at low speeds. But how does the MRC with the Atlas drives? Is it also capable of low speeds needed to operate with Kadee magnets? This because I have mixed experiece with US-decoders, Most aren't as smooth to operate as the ESU LocPilot (my preferred decoder).

    Best regards,


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