Baseball field on an HO layout

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  1. I am starting a new layout in my basement. I want to incorporate a baseball field. Can any of you that have one, send me a photo of how it looks. I think I would like it tied into a background, but am not sure. I am not an artist. I am a hobbiest. It does not have to be to scale.
  2. Metro Red Line

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    What setting? an MLB ballpark (takes too much space)? A minor league field? A city park with a little league field? A sandlot?

    All baseball diamonds for regulation play are built to dimensional standards.

    Just remember that the bases are 90' apart. For little league, they are 60' apart. The outfield size varies but there are minimum distances to the outfield fences.

    Check out this site for various baseball field dimensions, it might make your job a lot easier!
  3. subwayaz

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    I know that two members here have done similar. One of those of Bob Knight(Traincat) and I forget whom the other member is,and Threads were posted about them. Someone will come along soon and post the links.
    But it has been done in N scale
  4. Kevin Anderson

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    I would say do a sand lot. Doesn't take much space and you can get the figures already painted up ready to go. Two different sets. I was looking at puting one on a table that I had made my son years ago that is now non existant. Maybe I can incorporate one on the new layout. Along with the baseball players you can add a dog or two that is trying to play catch with the ball as well.
  5. Mark Watson

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    Welcome to TrainBoard Jeffrey! :)

    Oh ok. :p

    TrainCat -Play Ball!!

    Mike Fifer - ACTRR

    If I were to do a ball field, I'd model a sandlot like Kevin suggests. Heck, I'd just base it off of the sandlot in the movie "The Sandlot" with the big junkyard fence, tree house and huge dog that eats their lost baseballs. You could add a whole world of little details to such a scene compared to even a little league diamond would be kept fairly tidy and have less possibilities.
  6. thanks so far. I do not plan to do it to scale, but sandlot sounds good. major league was not planned - I owuld like to tie it into a background. just looking for ideas and examples.
  7. Kevin Anderson

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    ok here is an idea. paint fence on background with the sandlot in front of fence. Nice and easy.
  8. Pete Nolan

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    I also did a little league field quite a while ago. It seems to get lost in these discussions.


    There are other images in my Railimages sub-album at:

    N Scale Little League Ballpark -

    I may do Fenway Park when I get everything relocated to Ohio.
  9. G&G Railway

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    Nice job on the field.
  10. Flashwave

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    How about this then, put a school in the backdrop. Any High School that plays baseball will have a field, and even some elementaries will host little league. Heck, for our Grandparent's Day one year, the local news team landed a chopper in said little league field, which happened to be across the narrowed end of the parking lot from the cafeteria where we and our grandparents were eating.

    Back on topic: A school can even be done as a narrow building against the backdrop. If it's a rural or town school, (vs. being suburban) it doesn't have to be decked out in fancy trim, the DPM walls will do you fine, or maybe a two story town hall kit.
  11. Pete Nolan

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    A compact park like Fenway would fit on the electrified extension (yellow) of my Albuquerque layout. It's at center right--a Google image reduced to the correct scale.


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