Beach trolleys and pier trams?

Discussion in 'The Ready Track' started by alocsin, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. alocsin

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    Not sure if I should be asking this here or in the modeling area.

    But does anyone know of any resources for trolley lines that went right up to the beach or through the end of the pier? A website or images would be great of preferably modern lines, though vintage lines would be helpful.

    I know about the pier railways of England, but I'm looking for electric lines. I wanted to see how trolley poles were set up either in the sand or on piers.

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  3. Hytec

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    A trolley line ran along the Mississippi Gulf Coast between Biloxi and Pass Christian from about 1900 until the mid 1930's. If I can find the photos I've seen on the 'Net, I'll post the links. They may give you some ideas.
  4. alocsin

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    Thank you both, I appreciate anything you can show me.

    The Huntington Beach pic is particularly on point since I live in Orange County and hope to base my trolley layouts on that location.

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