Berwind Hoppers - What A Drag!

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    Coal drag, that is!!!

    The Berwind White Coal Company had mines all over Pennsylvania and other appalachian states. To support their operations, they had thousands of "home road" hoppers. Solid trains of Berwind hoppers would regularly flow out of the PRR's South Fork Branch onto the main line to head to hungry eastern power plants.


    Bowser offers the BWCX hopper in HO and N scales. However, unlike HO scale which flaunts several dozen available road numbers, they only ever ran three road numbers in N scale. Declining many appeals to run more, Merchandise Service took matters into their own hands... a private run of 30 sets of 12 exclusive road numbers.

    These cars arrived today. They are identical to other Bowser #37604 Berwind cars except that they are unique road numbers that will never be available again, or elsewhere. The MSRP on the GLa hoppers is $13.95; Merchandise Service is extending a 20% discount on these cars even though they are an exclusive run. As stated, only 30 sets were produced and more than half were pre-reserved. So if you are interested, please order soon so as to not miss out.

    Here's the URL:

    Thank you for your support of this project.

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