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Discussion in 'BNSF Railway' started by ILCentral, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. ILCentral

    ILCentral New Member

    I have applied for a Conductor Trainee position and was told to show up for a entry level exam/test. What is this? What does the test consist of?


    UNION_PACIFIC_STEVE TrainBoard Member

    i dont know, but it might be just to test your english and math skills... im only guessing tho.
    good luck [​IMG]
  3. Matt Marderosian

    Matt Marderosian TrainBoard Member

    it is one of those stupid personalty tests. [​IMG]
  4. Mohave_Sun

    Mohave_Sun New Member

    New Member

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Mark. I have applied for numerous conductor's positions in the past at BNSF and always got the thanks but no thanks response. Yesterday however, I received an email response from BNSF about my latest application. It said that it would require the entry level test/exam. The test is on the 18th (not much notice) and I would have to buy airfare and take two days off from work to attend. I know I have to go if I'm serious about the position. I was just wondering if there are many applicants competing for just one position and what are my chances at this level of the process? I would appreciate any additional information regarding this matter.

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  5. Adam Woods

    Adam Woods TrainBoard Member

    Many times you see 100-150 people for 10-15 spots, but they may open more classes for the group.
  6. BNSFBiggs

    BNSFBiggs TrainBoard Member

    It is a personality test. It is kind of like what a police officer or fireman would take. As far as how many people applied, there were probably hundreds of applications submitted. The HR will go through these ap's and just look at them and not going too depp yet. Only a portion will get the invite to take the test and depending on your score is how deep they will get into your background. They only go back 7 years on your background of employment. Of course NO felonies or stuff of that nature. They will also do a hair folical test for drugs. They go back as far as 1 year I believe. Help this helps you all.
  7. BnOEngrRick

    BnOEngrRick TrainBoard Member

    So if you have had a shady past, shave your head!:huh:
  8. Mohave_Sun

    Mohave_Sun New Member

    LOL...I do shave my head! I guess that brings-up another question. Can they use hair from other parts of the I won't have any problem passing the drug or back-ground check. I currently work in health care and it requires a clean past. Oh yeah, thanks for answering my questions quys!
  9. BNSFBiggs

    BNSFBiggs TrainBoard Member

    I saw a black man with a shaved head go through the testing and they took hair for this under-arm!!!! :eek:mg: :eek:mg:
  10. Charlie

    Charlie TrainBoard Member

    have a positive attitude. Don't lie or "shade" anything on your resume and application. Be prepared to substantiate any of your claims on your
    C.V. and application, ie, if you say you went to college, be prepared to
    show your transcripts. If you were in the military, be prepared to show
    your D.D. 214(proof of military service). Above all, do not have a D.U.I
    within 5 years or whatever the term of your current license is, it is better that you dont have a D.U.I at all! If you can't be available for
    work 24/7/365 dont even THINK of applying or even give any indication
    that you dont like that idea. The railroad H.R. wonks can quite literally
    "smell" those thoughts on you.

    Break a leg!!!

  11. Adam Woods

    Adam Woods TrainBoard Member

    I keep my hair short, so the sample came off my chest. That kinda hurt.
  12. thefoyboy

    thefoyboy New Member

    BNSF Interview

    Went for the 2nd time in my life to my Orientation/Inverterview with BNSF in Minneapolis. I did fly in and did rent a car and hotel for a few nights. They left open the possibility that interviews might run into a second day, so I had to make sure I was available for that second day.

    Fortunately, they were able to conduct the entire session including interviews in one day although some of them ran out into the early evening, but at least it gave me another day to run around and look at my old stomping grounds and do some Cmas shopping at MOA.

    My first time through this process about 4 years ago it was conducted at the BNSF terminal next to Northtown yard. At that time there were about 40 guys from which were picked for 8 positions. At that time they took no drug test during the process but waited until the physicals and such. I did not get the job offer probably because I was a little bit wishy washy in the personal inventory and to a lesser degree on the safety inventory.

    This time there were 56 guys to sort through for 7 positions at the Northland Inn in Brooklyn Park. Test and inventories were not much different but my lesson from the past was no being middle of the road and safety is paramount. They initally thought this training class would start Jan.8th, but they have now rolled that start date back to March 12th, they say due to a plateauing of freight right now.

    As a result of the rollback of the class start date, they also said they were not going to take hair samples and were going to wait to do drug tests at the time of physicals from those who got job offers. Not exactly what I wanted to hear because I figure a drug test would have whithered out another 10 to 20 percent of the class as possible candidates.

    Anyway, interview went well and will be hurrying up and waiting for the email accept or reject coming right around Cmas ironically enough.

    The one item that never ceases to amaze me is the amount of people that probably never catch the common sense answers required in the two inventory sections to even be considered. My problem was not answering as a strongly but rather a somewhat the first time.
  13. Mohave_Sun

    Mohave_Sun New Member

    Well, I decided to go to the orientation/interview scheduled for this Monday in Wy. I will fly-out Sunday and come-back Tuesday. At least I can gain a perspective on what they are looking for and to learn more about the job.
    I've noticed a great deal of you are big-time into trains. I remember having a wnd-up Lionel set when I was a kid, but my train education ended there after I got the electric racing car!
    Anyway, thanks for the replies! At least now I have an idea of what will go on.
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  14. OC Engineer JD

    OC Engineer JD Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    First two sections of the test are practical and whole numbers math....timed. Next section is personality......timed. Forth and last section is your personnal work/life experience....not timed. Make it through that, you'll get to the interview. Good Luck! :)
  15. OC Engineer JD

    OC Engineer JD Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Info comes from a friend that works for the BNSF in Ft. Worth TX.
  16. Mohave_Sun

    Mohave_Sun New Member

    Thanks OC, the info was very helpful. I got back from Sheridan today...a nice warm 3 degrees in Sheridan when I got up today. Only 19 out of 72 applicants showed-up for the gig. They are looking for 15 conductors at this particular location...although some may go to Gillette. I won't find-out until later this week on how I did. If I do get accepted, training starts Feb. 15th.
  17. LADiver

    LADiver TrainBoard Member

    Good luck Mohave, and if you get Gillette I will see you in the hole.
  18. Mohave_Sun

    Mohave_Sun New Member

    Still no word about the position. But, their website has re-posted the position. Apparently, they didn't meet their quota.
  19. OC Engineer JD

    OC Engineer JD Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    It usually takes a couple weeks before you will get a call. With the Holidays, it could take a little longer. Good Luck! :)
  20. Mohave_Sun

    Mohave_Sun New Member

    That's what I thought too, but they want to start the class on Feb. that doesn't leave a lot of time to get the DOT physical and drug testing (hair sample) done. But maybe they're end-up pushing back that date.

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