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Discussion in 'The Inspection Pit' started by SteveM76, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. SteveM76

    SteveM76 TrainBoard Member

    After seeing other threads about painting I decided it is time to paint my brass locos and cabooses. Can any of you recommend someone to do this for me. I paint all of my plastic with good results but am kind of afraid to touch my brass. I'd also like to have sound and DCC installed. Thanks
  2. Dee Das

    Dee Das TrainBoard Member

    Here are some sites that I have found that cover some aspects of painting brass locomotives and rolling stock:


    The third link has a section that deals with installing decoders in a brass locomotive.

    If you are comfortable painting plastic, I don't see why you couldn't paint brass.
  3. NSFan14

    NSFan14 TrainBoard Member

    Is this the brass stuff you bought at the train show? Id like to see the results after its all done.
  4. SteveM76

    SteveM76 TrainBoard Member

    Alex, yes the caboose I bought needs to be painted and I want my SP 4-10-2 painted with sound and DCC. I'll soon have a lot more to get done but that is it for right now.
  5. SteveM76

    SteveM76 TrainBoard Member

    Thanks!!! I'm a bit of a perfectionist. If I mess up a little on my plastic it doesn't hurt nearly as much as a $600.00 brass loco.
  6. Dee Das

    Dee Das TrainBoard Member

    Roger that. I was just trying to encourage you.

    I've painted brass diesels in the past and they weren't that hard. However, I have a brass DMIR Yellowstone that I have put off painting because I don't want to mess it up. So I understand your feelings on this matter.
  7. Tim Loutzenhiser

    Tim Loutzenhiser TrainBoard Member TrainBoard Supporter

    The main problem I have is taking the doggone engines apart. I have a couple brass engines and a brass caboose that are B&O specific models. Then again I have been told by a couple local brass "experts" that the minute I apply paint, the value decreases. And there is this "thing" that occurs when I see an unpainted brass engine - just something awesome about the look of brass. Once the paint is on, the engines look like all the other plastic higher grade engines...
  8. SteveM76

    SteveM76 TrainBoard Member

    Tim, I agree completely!!! Taking the darn things apart is really what worries me. I've never had to re-quarter drivers or anything of the sort and it really wouldn't be my cup of tea so I'd just rather have someone else do it. At least they've done it before (I hope:tb-tongue:). I also don't have any experience installing sound so I'll just have them do that while they're at it. I enjoy building, painting, and generally modeling but some things I'll leave to the pros.
  9. SPsteam

    SPsteam TrainBoard Member

    I'm an N scaler, but am getting into doing custom painting on steam engines. What locomotives are you looking at getting painted? Do you have the decals for the numbers and heralds already. I only do steam right now, so drop me a PM on what you have. Here is a sample of some of my steamers, the pics are a bit fuzzy but they convey my work.


  10. SteveM76

    SteveM76 TrainBoard Member

    Those look great! I've decided to paint one of my SP cabooses myself and I contacted BC Enterprises to do the work on my SP 4-10-2. They have the decals on hand and aside from painting and installing DCC with sound they also install a headlight, marker jewels, and kadees.
  11. Dee Das

    Dee Das TrainBoard Member

    Thats great Steve. What is the going rate for installing DCC, sound and lighting as well as paint?
    I looked at their website and it sounds like BC Enterprises have been doing this for a long time.
    You're right, taking a brass engine apart can be a nightmare, especially disassembling the drive. It hard to believe that one engine could have so many parts. LOL
  12. SteveM76

    SteveM76 TrainBoard Member

    All places I've checked seem to be about $400.00 for everything. It seems high at first but it will save me a lot of headache in the end.
  13. Dee Das

    Dee Das TrainBoard Member

    Thanks Steve.
  14. Lownen

    Lownen TrainBoard Member

    I haven't done any of this so I'm only speculating here, but it always seemed to me that if you messed up on brass it would be easier to strip it and start again than with plastic. I was thinking about saving up for brass kits instead of buying a set of undecorated passenger cars for that reason.

    I'd welcome people's comments.
  15. Larry777

    Larry777 TrainBoard Member

    I have several brass steam engines that need to be painted. There is a young fellow at my job who is a brass man and eschews plastic. He is also a painter and has no fear of doing it. Also he is not hesitant about taking a steam engine apart. I recently had him service a UP 2-6-0 that I intended to use on interline locals and switching and it runs much better than before. In fact, I discovered that he had some tools right there at work and was so happy to get to that locomotive! So... I am sending an FT/FTB set as well as a set of FA's for him to paint. I also have a GN Pacific that is going to take that green boiler, red roof, etc. job... He says he knows exactly what to do so I'll see. And as one threader said, "if you mess up with brass, you can always strip it!" My saving grace.

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