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Discussion in 'Fallen Flags' started by lynngrove, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. lynngrove

    lynngrove TrainBoard Member

    I received the first of the new Broadway Limited SP Daylight cars today...the Morning Daylight, 1941 Prewar, Skirted Parlor Observation Car with Antenna, #2955 in HO.

    My high expectations for these cars were based upon the quality of the California Zephyr cars that I have from Broadway Limited...so I was a bit disappointed today.

    Don't get me wrong, it is a very nice car...exterior detail is nice, paint is sharp and lettering crisp...but there are a few items that really detract from the overall appearance.

    The first and most glaring issue are the two very annoying blue wires that snake their way down the length of the car. I cannot understand why they spent the effort to nicely detail the interior and not do something to hide the wires. Nobody from BLI saw that?

    The second issue is the interior and drumhead lighting. The interior lighting is nice and even, but the light is visible through the side walls of the car. The drumhead is illuminated along with the entire back end of the car...the drumhead lamp is poorly shielded.

    The third issue I have is the box...I know this may come across as nitpicking...but BLI has always had some nice packaging. The cheap small box sort of tells a corner cutting story on the production of these cars.

    For what this set costs, I expected more.
  2. RichW

    RichW TrainBoard Member

    I had the same impression with mine - I was disgusted. It looks like a cheap christmas tree ornament in low light. I will not prurchase any more of these cars. :thumbs_down:
  3. Flashwave

    Flashwave TrainBoard Member

    Well, that's a shame to hear. From what I've read on the BLi site, the two blue wires are not present in the 53, so they must be powering something extra. Also, someone said that part of the rar lighting from the drmhead is actually coming through the side of the drumhead fixture and into the plastic.

    And the box isn't any smaller than the CZ Dome Obs I own. I like the smaller boxes though as they don't take up as much room.

    Me, I'm holding off for the exclusive varient of the car that comes with the engine. The fact that the wiring is only in the obs gives me hope that the others won't have it. Much as I'd love to get the entire Daylight, I think I'm gonna hold out mostly for the Triple, as it's the most distinctive of the set.
  4. COverton

    COverton TrainBoard Member TrainBoard Supporter

    My very words to myself when I read this a couple of hours ago, but I elected to post no comment. I wonder if BLI should just stick to the widget engines instead of trying to flog rolling stock that doesn't meet a decent standard. I get the impression that Rapido would not distribute cars with these problems, so why is BLI shipping them like that?
  5. Flashwave

    Flashwave TrainBoard Member

    Well, the pessemist says

    Which is a stupid move because the people whoare still buying BLI for whatever reasons have waited this long, another month to tape wiring into the luggage rack above the seats would have been minimal and highly enjoyed.

    I posted their arrival on "That publisher's board" a week ago or more. The first reply was a "So is MTH's and their so much better because MTH just is" type post. (Or, that's the tone I picked up) And it slowly spiraled from there, so I neglected saying anything here either.
  6. RichW

    RichW TrainBoard Member

    The blue wire is not the big deal, or even the tail sign. the light shines THROUGH the entire side of the car creating a moving sub sandwich neon sign. The WHOLE body is luminous.
  7. lynngrove

    lynngrove TrainBoard Member

    Exactly, where was the quality control? Nobody at BLI noticed this?
  8. Southern Oregonian

    Southern Oregonian TrainBoard Member

    It could be worse, I have the entire Lark set from IHC. I hope to have them converted to EZ couplers, weighted and track ready by 2012. :tb-sad:

  9. lexon

    lexon TrainBoard Member

    BLI cars

    Go to the BLI site and join. Make comments. The BLI people are there. I did not say you will get any results you like but better to comment there than here where BLI probably does not even know exist.
    At least that is what Obvious Man suggested to me.

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  10. lynngrove

    lynngrove TrainBoard Member

    I emailed BLI (and the hobby shop that sold it to me) the same day I started this thread. My purpose for this thread was to see if anyone else had the same issues.

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