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    Green tracks near Joffre yard, Charny (Quebec, Canada)

    The stuff is growing since early spring. It seam to be able to resist regular trains coming and going. That make for some beautiful trackage!

    Follow the link:

    note: I think I uploaded better resolution ones into railfan something something. They appear to have vanished into a black hole or something. Where did they go?
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    Wheat, corn, or other grains that leak from the bottom of a covered hopper car will do this. Eventually it'll either die off, get killed by something else leaking from a car, or get annihilated by the stuff they spray on the right-of-way for weed killing.
    That is some seriously potent stuff...

    Sorry to bring the thread back from the dead.

    -George Widener
    CN Fond du Lac, WI

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