CSX Fatal wreck at Carlisle, OH

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    CSX had a fatal wreck at Carlisle, OH early Saturday morning (2-17-2001). CSX autorack train Q228 rear-ended CSX loaded ore train K188.

    The power on Q228 was SD70MAC No. 700 ("Spirit of Cumberland") and AC4400W No. 256. The impact destroyed two hoppers on the K188, while both locomotives and one car of Q228 overturned.

    The crew of the Q228 included a pilot engineer, engineer and conductor. The 35-year old pilot engineer was killed and the other two crew members critically injured. The crew of K188 was not injured.

    For a full story, see the Cincinnati Enquirer story at:

    CSX Wreck Story

    The following photos are linked from the Cincinnati Enquirer story:



    As a railroader, my prayers go out to the families of all those involved in this incident.

    Chris Toth

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    how fast was Q288 going??? I saw #700 just 5 or 6 days ago with an empty hopper train with # 265, & CSX 118 :eek: so much for the wide cabs :mad: :eek: :rolleyes: :( :confused:
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    My prayers are with the men and their families. Hope for quick and complete recovery for the injured.

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    Seeing a wreck like that makes me grateful for each day I live. I guess you never know when it will end. I can't even start to imagine the thoughts going through their heads when they saw what was coming. Prayers to the families and the victims.

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    I heard that it was a 34 MPH impact.
  6. GP30

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    35?? geez they go about that fast through here. I remeber staying in a hotel in Williamsburg,VA and waking up at 2 am seeing a couple GE's flaying through (55mph) with loaded or unloaded coal hoppers. the amtracks go 'bout 65 or so :eek:
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    My prayers go out to their families!

    Thank the Lord for every day you got!,
  8. Chessie_SD50_8563

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    I wish a quick recovery to the crew

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