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Discussion in 'The Inspection Pit' started by gmaddox, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. gmaddox

    gmaddox TrainBoard Member

    Is there any members on here that is interested in making custom decals? I tried Rail Graphics and they said they could not help me.These are early intermodal stack cars with the Santa Fe Econo-Stack lettering with the black Santa Fe Meat ball cross.

    thanks, gene
  2. danpik

    danpik TrainBoard Member

    I am surprised that Rail Graphics can't help you. Did he give a reason? Send me an email off list, maybe it is something I can help with.

    Dan Pikulski
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  3. Siskiyou

    Siskiyou TrainBoard Member

    Yeah - boy! That doesn't sound like MicroScale!

  4. AB&CRRone

    AB&CRRone TrainBoard Supporter

    I don't think Rail Graphics will print copyright logos for which they don't have permission. Just a guess.

  5. Kenneth L. Anthony

    Kenneth L. Anthony TrainBoard Supporter

    I recall, years ago, Rail Graphics saying they wouldn't print prototype decals, only fictitious modeler-created lettering. Not only is there a trademark/ copyright/ permission question. Also, they may not want to get into prototype accuracy-- they may njot have EXACTLY the font or print somnething EXACTLY the size to suit a fastidious modeler, and don't want to fight over it.

    Question-- did you ask Rail Graphics to set type for you, or did you send them your own prepared camera-ready copy, asking only that it be printed as decals, not comnposed. That may make a difference in what a decal printer will do.
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  6. NikkiB

    NikkiB TrainBoard Member

    Do you have the vertor graphics for this? I print from Corel, so Corel would be needed unless you have done the color separation already.
  7. gmaddox

    gmaddox TrainBoard Member

    I called the guy at Railgraphics and told him what they were before I sent the actual decal sheet to them, I am not interested in duplicating the whole sheet of decals, only the Santa Fe black round herald cross and the econo-stack portion of the decals, the rest of the decals I need would come off of other Microscale decal sheets.
  8. gmaddox

    gmaddox TrainBoard Member

    delljohnb,I only have the actual decal sheet,but I could probably get a friend of mine to get me some foto ready art work done. The particular decals I need are black for the econo-stack and black on clear for the santa fe emblem
  9. Chad Cowan

    Chad Cowan TrainBoard Member

  10. gmaddox

    gmaddox TrainBoard Member

    Chad, thanks for the information about Eric,we are trying to work something out together right now as we speak,
    thanks, gene maddox
  11. GNFA310

    GNFA310 TrainBoard Supporter

    Thanks Very Much for the link and info!!! :tb-cool: :thumbs_up:
  12. Chad Cowan

    Chad Cowan TrainBoard Member

    You're welcome. He's done several different sets for me. Very reasonable and great quality. It's all about networking in this hobby!!


  13. NikkiB

    NikkiB TrainBoard Member

    Those are easy to do if the layer separations are done. The printer I use imprints a resin ink rather than traditional printer inks, so the decals adhere very well and tend to be inobtrusive.

    Just let me know if your other sources tap out, and I can work with you to get them done.
  14. gmaddox

    gmaddox TrainBoard Member

    Okay delljohnb,thanks for the reply and thanks to all of the members of this board that took the time to answer my question.

    gene maddox

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