Cut-away views of locos?

Discussion in 'The Inspection Pit' started by N_S_L, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. N_S_L

    N_S_L TrainBoard Member

    Does anyone have, or know of books (or other media) that have cut-away views of locos?

    Maybe something in this direction:


    This next one is not as good, but may work...


    Looking for more of a drawing than blueprint - sorta like this, but for locomotives

  2. Ike the BN Freak

    Ike the BN Freak TrainBoard Member

    I've seen them in the "general" type railroad books you can find at borders barnes and noble and such.

    But that jet, thats a turbojet...I really need to stop dealing with airplanes for a while...aka, I need a vacation.
  3. Mark Watson

    Mark Watson TrainBoard Member

    Here's one of a steam locomotive. Not very detailed though.
  4. ChicagoNW

    ChicagoNW TrainBoard Member

    One of your best bets is an old magazine dealer. tho locomotive builders used to put cutaways in their ads. Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Trains magazine or some old employee magazines would be other places to find the images. The World's Fairs were a place that the manufacturers used to promote their new locomotives. There will be fewer drawings past the 60's as the technology was not new anymore.
  5. Jerry M. LaBoda

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    "Cheap and Nothing Wasted"

    Shoot... Can't and Never Will.
  6. Triplex

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  7. N_S_L

    N_S_L TrainBoard Member

    Thanks all... :)
  8. N_S_L

    N_S_L TrainBoard Member

    Now THIS exactly what I'm looking for!

    Came from an online operations manual...

    Anyone else out there have any similar manuals that I could trouble for a scan ??
  9. Chris333

    Chris333 TrainBoard Member TrainBoard Supporter

    I have a better one somewhere, but I have this now:
  10. greatdrivermiles

    greatdrivermiles TrainBoard Member

    That is cool yet sad at the same time. :(
  11. TetsuUma

    TetsuUma TrainBoard Member

    I remember a book from my youth entitled, The Big Book of Real Trains that had cutaways with both steam and diesel. You might be able to find a copy from a used book dealer.
  12. subwayaz

    subwayaz TrainBoard Member

    I found this thread and the cutouts of these few locos quite interesting since I had never seen the inner works of locomotives before. I bet there is a book out that has many locomotives in it. But have to have a name or topic to even do a Google search on it.
    Got me curious now, or thinking should I say.
  13. N_S_L

    N_S_L TrainBoard Member

    Found a used The Big Book of Real Trains for 46 cents on Amazon... :D

    Hope this was the right one... :tb-shocked:

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  14. TetsuUma

    TetsuUma TrainBoard Member

    That's the one!! I pretty much wore out my original and picked up a used copy a couple years ago myself. My cousin's kids got copies as well.
  15. 3DTrains

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