DSP&PRR #1 - Fairplay.

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    The Bachmann 'indy' mogul has a good chassis and not much else, the cab is all wrong and it has not much weight in the boiler, which is full of a circuit board so it is very light as a loco.

    'myLargescale.com' did a masterclass with these locos (which is being re-released) that used just the chassis.

    I eventually had a couple of the locos, which were to be changed to Porter #7 of the CCRR, and the first loco that I chose was the first loco that the Denver & South Park RR had, - #1 'Fairplay'

    Fairplay was to be built first: there is not much known about it - or I could not find it! I decided that the loco would use the bogie tender base, and the still attached sound card.

    The rest was built upon the chassis, using PVC pipe for the boiler and the rest from styrene card. I had also decided that the cab was going to have a curly roof - as these were 'in vogue' at about the time the loco was being built. The D&RG had a cab like this on their mogul 'Raton' as shown in the D&RG Historical Society magazine 'The Prospector', and possibly the Baldwin loco works demonstrator mogul at the Great Exhibition at Chicago may have had one as well. Trouble is to get off the present cab from that loco is somewhat difficult! So it will stay as it is for now.

    The build went very easily, and then it was time for some decals - I painted the loco in a mid brown colour, and then worked out and painted a design for the tender (five times the intended size) and David Fletcher added the linework and fancywork to the master for the decals, and that was sent to Stan Cedarleaf for printing, and were then fitted to the loco, and tender. That was interesting as the domes had the same design as David used on his model of the D&RG 2 4 0 'Montezuma' - they were fitted in pieces on the double curved tops.

    Here to save a few hundred words, and be much more informative, are some photos of it



    And a final one of the loco and my solitary coach - more are in stock to build, so far I have not got tround to building them!



    Yours Peter.

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    MOPMAN TrainBoard Member

    I'll bet that looks cool running through the garden. Nice.
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    Amazing to think of how much they put into locomotive decoration, so long ago. (Pride.) Makes today and our "modern" engines seem so drab by comparison. (No pride.)


    Boxcab E50
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    Please, Peter, save more words and post more pictures. :angel:

    I like those short train, engine and passenger car.

  5. tooter

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    Hi Peter,

    Your engine is beautiful!:) :thumbs_up:

    The paint and details really give it that old fashioned feel. I'm with Wolfgang, and also like short simple trains.


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