G-Scale bridges and trestles plans/templates

Discussion in 'G Scale and Larger' started by roushraven, May 20, 2010.

  1. roushraven

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    I may have to custom build bridges and trestles for my garden railroad. If they exist, where can I find plans and/or templates to use as my build guide?

  2. dmiller

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    For my bridge and trestle, I found a book, "Bridges Trestles and Tunnels",
    online that I used for reference....and then went with the "tlar" method after that.

    The internet has some other good references, too. Im sure some others will chime in.
    As for the templates, I layed out the pieces on a sheet of plywood, and then made some former templates so all of the trestle bents were the same.

    Let us know what u find, as well!!

  3. roushraven

    roushraven TrainBoard Member

    Thank you very much! :tb-wink:

  4. phantom

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    On my layout, witch is an indoor layout, I molded a now defunct railroad. So I used pictures of the prototype bridges. In one case I copied an HO scale Atlas bridge, but made it G scale. I did not use any math, just cut raw pine strips and went to town with them. Here are some pictures.

    If you work with wood, make sure you seal them good and use a wood glue that will hold up outdoors. I would also use small screws with the wood glue.

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  5. EMD trainman

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    There is a G scale manufacturer who offers jig templates for building trestles for bridges will hold the trestles together if you also decide to glue them as well as nail them together. The angles are already set, you just build it in the jig as high as you need it. Give me a day or so to research this, because I remember seeing these jigs for sale, but forget who sells them, I'll get back to you on this one.
  6. roushraven

    roushraven TrainBoard Member

    Thank you!

  7. EMD trainman

    EMD trainman TrainBoard Member

    As promised I found the manufacturer who sells trestle jigs. It's none other than Michale's Custom Woodworking and he is a manufacturer and NOT a retailer. The stuff he sells he makes himself. Here is the link for the website page which shows the trestle jigs and he offers quite a variety of trestle jigs > http://www.trainbuildings.com/html/bent_jigs.html

    I have seen the stuff he has made in person at G scale train shows and it's top notch. I knew I have seen trestle jigs somewhere, just had to jog my memory a tad bit, getting old in my ripe age, so memory is hard to come by sometimes.

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