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Discussion in 'BNSF Railway' started by zshaver05, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. zshaver05

    zshaver05 New Member

    My buddy and I from work both submitted applications for bnsf conductor trainee positions in Vancouver wa, He got the interview and was hired.. I didnt attatch a resume and was told thanks but no thanks which ive heard no resume will automatically dis qualify you.

    I applied for the position in Pasco WA and the posting just closed.

    Does anyone have any good advice if I get the call to go to the interview in Pasco?

    Trying to get out of the car buisness after years and start something a little more stable for my family,

    Thanks guys
  2. Charlie

    Charlie TrainBoard Member

    OK some "DO"s and "DONT"s.....

    Be on time for your interview and/or testing.
    Be neatly dressed and groomed. Business casual dress is good.
    Be honest and straight-forward in your answers.
    Be prepared to answer some personal questions.
    Be showered,shaved,and have your hair combed for your interview...If facial hair is part of your normal appearance make sure it is clean and groomed...HINT... If it ain't on your drivers license or ID...lose it!
    Be "clean and sober"
    Make sure you brush your teeth.
    Be prepared to substantiate what you claim on your application and resume. ie if you were in the military have a copy of your DD214. If you attended college have a copy of your sheepskin or your grade transcripts. Have originals or copies of any certifications you have.
    Be positive in your attitude
    Blow your own horn... ie if you are an Eagle Scout, say so and show your award.
    Be polite to the interviewers, you have to impress them or you go home with a "we'll call you"
    For your physical be prepared to take a drug test. Pass it!


    Be late to your interview
    Wear torn,ill fitting or extreme clothing or a T-shirt or any garment that contains profanity or ads for liquor or tobacco.
    have an extreme hair style.
    lie on your interview or your resume
    "shade" any of your claims on your resume.
    smoke in the interview area or bathroom. Railroad property is NO SMOKING!
    be curt or smug with the interviewer.
    use lewd or suggestive talk or double entendre
    be "under the influence" or have alcohol on your breath.
    tell the interviewer how to build a watch when all they wanted to know is the time!

    Any other questions?

  3. Ike the BN Freak

    Ike the BN Freak TrainBoard Member

    I'm sure Kevin M on here can give you more info, he is an engineer out of Spokane. As for stable, don't wanna say the RR is all that stable, guys get furlowed pretty often.
  4. Charlie

    Charlie TrainBoard Member

    Ike is correct! The furlough is a real possibility for new hires. I have seen more than one class of trainman(one class was 35 strong!)finish their training, take and pass their qualifying exams and student trips and be furloughed before they had a chance to mark up on a board! I chased seniority at least once(I went to Galesburg from Chicago). I lucked out, I was in sort of a "quiet zone" so I never was furloughed but I did bounce around a bit on different boards. When I completed engineer training and qualifications and had passed the exam and was promoted, there was no room for me on any engineer boards so I was set back to trainman. I was on the ground for 3 years before being set up again and that was only for a short time since I went on sick leave and then retired. Most railroaders have been furloughed at least once. That's the way the business works,AND railroading is NOT family friendly. Until you know how to play the game to your advantage, be prepared to miss significant events in your family life and to work every holiday!

  5. Jeff Powell

    Jeff Powell TrainBoard Member

    be prepared to miss significant events in your family life and to work every holiday!

    This is why I never went into that field. Airline field is just as bad... All good childhood dreams crushed.....siff
  6. Ike the BN Freak

    Ike the BN Freak TrainBoard Member

    Sounds like me joining the Air Force, Top Gun made military aviation all fun and exciting, too bad around 90% of the time is just sitting around.
  7. Charlie

    Charlie TrainBoard Member

    I was in the "legacy" airline business for over 25 years. Don't get me started on that. I worked every conceivable holiday imaginable. I worked on what was probably the biggest holiday of the last century, the American Bicentennial. I had to work that holiday because at that particular time frame holidays were bid in pairs(Christmas-New Years Day/Memorial Day - Independence Day/Labor Day - Thanksgiving)and you bid your priority as first choice. I needed Memorial Day that year since we married on Memorial Day weekend 1976. I will say this unequivocally... Airlines are the WORST employers in the world!
  8. zshaver05

    zshaver05 New Member

    Well I got the the thanks but no thanks letter for both positions I applied for, I've never had such a hard time landing an interview
  9. Ashley_SD45T-2

    Ashley_SD45T-2 TrainBoard Member

    Zshaver, dont feel bad. Ive been trying since 2006. I fill out a app every six months,and i dont get nothing in return.
    With BOTH up and BNSF.

    Well atleast BNSF Sends emails,UP is like Too bad.
  10. Charlie

    Charlie TrainBoard Member

    Keep checking the want ads in your local paper. I went thru the same scenario with the BN,"thanks but no job matching your qualifications". I answered a want ad in the Chicago Sunday Tribune and the rest is history!


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